Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Cache of PI spreadsheet

I have created a Google Docs folder containing most recent PI price snapshots.  I will name the files with a "<YYYY-MM-DD> PI snapshot.pdf" format.  The first one is 2015-03-31 PI snapshot.pdf

I am fighting a losing battle with google and the Foo Eve PI spreadsheet.  It works fine for me, but  can't keep it working for everyone all the time, despite different caching strategies.  ( )

So ... I will really cache it, this time as a PDF, manually.  As it is manual, it will be updated when I remember to do so, hopefully weekly.

I have plans on fixing this permanently, possibly as a google app.  But for now, this will do.  Please magnify or download for your favourite PDF reader.


  1. Not trying to be a jerk, check your formula in P4 of the PI Main sheet... was driving me nuts when it wasn't matching... ;)

    1. Anon, just found your comment in the spam filter for some reason.

      What P4? which page?

      On the main tab, prices are a snapshot at a given time, and can not reflect up to the minute pricing on live. (Eve central is delayed cached by a little bit, and this is a cache of that - up to 24 hours old)

      What field is wrong? What should it be?


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