Saturday, 25 July 2015

Returning to Eve Special

For the record, it is my teenage son that is returning to Eve. 

When signing him back up again, we were presented with the above offers:
  • 1 Month for $9.99
  • 1 Plex for $17.49 
  • 2 Plex for $29.99
I do not know who else it would be valid for, or what the criteria are, but thought it might be of some value to some 'extended AFK' pilots.

I have been quiet on the blog due to a mix of working on my crest market downloader, which is now satisfactory if not complete, and increased 9-5 duties spilling over to Eve time).



    does this program still exist ?

  2. I don' think the recall program exists
    I remember a dev blog (or something similar) saying it had stopped.

    The recall program link from that dev blog goes nowhere.


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