Sunday, 2 August 2015

PI Google Doc more robust

I have made my PI spreadsheet on google docs more robust.

For those that don't know, I have a google doc spreadsheet that lists the buy and sell prices for PI (planetary interaction) mats at different trade hubs, and also list what is profitable to manufacture on planet based on those prices.  The manufacture profitability is split up in several scenarios: Import all, import some + extract some, or extract all.

Google docs don't like pulling lots of data from eve central (or even crest) on a regular basis.  It works (mostly) ok for the spreadsheet owner, but not so well for other users.  I also have a 'force refresh' option by changing a 'cachebuster' parameter, to insist that I get new prices.

The fix is that I now have 3 'pricing' tabs:
  • Central : grab the prices from eve central.  This is up to date when it works, and broken otherwise.
  • Snapshot: Every so often, I will copy the data from the Central tab to static data on the Snapshot tab
  • Main (first tab): If 'Central' is working, use that data, if not use then use the Snapshot tab
As an end user, you will know whether you are using 'live' (ish) data or how old the snapshot is from the top left corner on the 'Main' tab.

If it is still broken for you, please leave a comment preferably with links to screenshots showing your errors.  If it is working I will already know by the growing number of users keeping the google doc open.

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