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Citadel wishlist

I have lived out of different spaces in Eve. Wormhole POS which is the closest I have had to a home that was mine; Nullsec Outposts that come close; Highsec and Lowsec Stations, and even have run a Highsec research POS for a while.  I know what I like about the different 'homes' and what is a pain.

The CSM have asked what we want out of Citadels.

I am functionally minded.  I may occasionally be caught gawking at a particularly nice ... special effect, but it is not what drives me.  I like functionality, and interesting gameplay.

In summary, I want a home that :
  • Is difficult but not impossible to take over;
  • Provides inherent design trade-offs;
  • Is easy to share with others outside my corp.

When I think of POS and 'home', I primarily think of C1-C4 wormhole space.  I have used them in other space, but they are not 'home' to me.

These are the things I like about POS

I love the flexibility of living in a POS. I love the juggle between defense and industry.  Do you throw together a few industry modules on a throw away small POS with cheap running costs, or do you set up a Large POS with your preferred flavour of defense, and very few - if any - industry modules but 4 times the running cost.  Alternatively, we can set up a juicy target of an industry heavy large pos with few defenses, greater potential reward for different ISK.

I love the difference in POS vulnerability in the different classes of space, a class 1 wormhole (which declines access by battleships or bigger - Nestor excepted), class 2-4 wormholes  and highsec have medium vulnerability to battleships, and class 5-6 plus lowsec/nullsec are subject to to drive by dreadnaughts.

I love that I have a choice of bling. Do I announce that I am a heavy researcher with a hyasoda lab, plan to be here for the long haul with a faction tower, or have lots to defend with faction guns?  Do I try to look bland and vanilla?

I love the idea that I can see when someone 'forgot to pay the rent' (for POS this is haul fuel) and become vulnerable if they didn't do so.  I don't like the idea so much when that person who forgot was me - but so I forgot only once, and got away with it.  Those living in wormholes have seen the too long AFK corp let their POS go dark, and space is quickly freed up by the scavenger class.

I like that hauling is the mechanic to keep POS alive rather than just an ISK sink.  POS fuel is a wonderfully inefficient system, supporting the engagement from miners (whether ice or PI), industrialist to cook fuel, and haulers to move stuff. This in turn supports provides targets for the the ganking class, and the requisite extra attention when refueling.  In comparison, NPC stations are set and forget, and even outposts only need the occasional griffon to defend against trawling.

I even kinda like POS being a little vulnerable.  POS defense is a challenging game, for both attacker and defender.  I probably like it a little more that I have (so far touch wood) been successful.  I liked the times (plural intended) we successfully evicted interlopers in 'my' wormhole, even if the loot fairy was cruel.  Truth be told, I even like it when loot fairies are cruel.

I love being in space, seeing and being seen, while still 'docked up'.

I like that my POS are moderately dangerous to interlopers.   A small group can survive, but a sole scout had better be cloaked if they want to spy on what I am doing.  A troll interceptor can be ignored, but a sole marauder can be a problem.  These are all good things.

I like that POS based storage is moderately secure rather than completely secure.  Whether it can, after eff

POS however have their significant problems.

I can't share facilities with friends or acquaintances.  I want to bring someone into my wormhole, let them refit, compress, refine, research and build at my home.

While you can have large moderately secure storage inside the corp via assembly arrays, large insecure storage in freight containers placed near the POS, or very small secure storage via personal hanger arrays, I can't provide large secure storage to friends outside of corp.  I can only provide large semi-secure storage 7 seven different 'groups' in my corp.

It is preciously hard to delegate moon mining or reactions to someone safely.  I am comparatively space rich, more than most, and can afford things like POS.  I want to set up a reaction or mining platform, and let someone else control the reactions/mining, but it is hard if not impossible.

I can't securely and asynchronously trade in a POS.  I want to be able to use contracts and market orders.  I want to trade between players.  These tools are much easier to do than what we currently use POS.  There are crude approximations, but the in game tools available in stations are much better.

I cant repackage some stuff. Once a larger assembly array is deployed, it remains unpacked until I use a T1 industrial to scoop and take back to NPC stations.
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