Monday, 10 August 2015

Some days you get out 'intact'

I am the crappiest of PVP pilots.  I am vaguely aware of mechanics like manual flying and transversal and overheating (which I apparently don't do much of).

Every so often, I poke my head out the door.  To be honest, I was trying to get my pod out and was astounded when I took an intact hull away with me.

That is assuming that this hull was considered intact.


  1. Your pod is still inside the ship, so intact .... even if with that much damage perhaps an outside observer might be able to spot your pod through the holes in your hull.

    I'd be interested to hear more. Stratios? What all happened? I assume you weren't entirely seeking PVP since you don't show having a point mounted.

    Such a tease... :)

  2. I will occasionally use this ship as a counter-gank ship. "Bad guys" attempt to gank one of ours, and we swarm back.

    On this occasion a mining procurer was ganked. I failed to rescue, but did keep attention while our own roamers raced home.

    We missed the counter drop, though I am not sure why.


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