Thursday 10 December 2015

New scanning effects are pretty ... aweful

I have just scanned since the latest patch hit.

I liked the 'new' scanning interface, especially with the hotkeys and the ability to turn off items on the scanning screen.

The latest incarnation has given us pretty.

Play find the sig

This is a SciFi game and some expect a certain amount of eye-candy from the effects.

I am functionally minded.  On the screenshot above there is a single red dot.  Now ... I have pretty good eyesight but I had to hunt for it.  No not the red box in the center of the probes, keep looking.  You may wish to click on the picture to expand it.

My son is red-green colour blind, and has even more trouble seeing the pale brown spot.  1 in 10 of our male population are red/greed deficient (either partially or fully colour blind).  Eve has a lot of male gamers.

So, I want to buy a scanning map that lets me see stuff at a glance.

PS.  the scanning dot is just top right of the scanner probes on the planetary orbit line.

TLDR; The new scanning map looks pretty, but CCP, please throw it out, and give me the previous incarnation back.

Edit: turning of the dscan settings helps, but the new graphics are still busy.

There it is.  I wish it was more obvious.


  1. +1, I'm not against new eyecandy, but I'm against not seeing what I am scanning

  2. I have a mild cataract and the shiny psrts of yhe eve client really mess with me. If you took your glasses and put a vrey thin layer of vaseline on the lenses, it's like that. B t w, would it kill them to put in a high contrast theme along with all the themed ones?

  3. Took me a while to find it, even expanded.
    That said, I tried scanning yesterday too, first time in a few months, I needed to find the entrance to Thera again. It took me multiple tries to click the orbs so I could expand the range of the probe. I must be missing something, maybe the hotkeys will help with that.

    It looks pretty though, functionallity wise, not quite ready yet. This coming from someone who's bad at scanning though

  4. Coming from someone who spent the last 4+ years living and hunting in WH space, the map is .... unusable. Its just that simple.


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