Wednesday 9 December 2015

Squad warp and large grids

One should never warp squad warp your hauler to a wormhole without eyes on it.  The fact you can squad warp generally means you have 2 ships.  Now either one can be eyes, or it can be a 'dead man switch', with no point in losing 2 ships rather than one.

So ... of course I squad warp my out of corp / highsec Occator with my in corp Astero.  Historically this means that both end up largely on top of each other.  Not today.

I didn't quite believe it the first warp, but I had a couple of wormholes to end up at my POS so tried again.  With both the first and second squad warp, I ended up roughly 3000k off the wormhole.  Finally once I arrived at my POS, I meant to warp my Astero to what used to be an off grid bookmark but actually squad warped, but this time both ships ended up roughly on top of each other, and very much still on grid.

I don't understand why one set of warps was 'along way from each other' and the other was 'on top of each other'; whether it was facing, or total distance or the type of item I warped to.

Finally, I can confirm that large grids have definitely arrived.  I warped my DST back to the POS, and flew my (MWD) Astero 'out'.  The DST is still 'on grid' from 6000k away.  I need a new off grid bookmark anyway as a perch. 

No better screenshot than that today, but the grid 'broke' when my two ships were just under 16,000k from each other.

Also, I have reports that you need to include new ships on your overview especially if you are running the new Operation Frostline Target sites.

TLDR; Squad warping is not what it used to be, and grids ... are big.

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