Wednesday 21 March 2012

Finally finished the starter missions

Well, on one toon anyway. I finished the starter quests (missions whatever they are called in eve).

I ended up with a whole lot of miscelanous junk either from looting NPC ships, the odd bit of mining, and some civilian upgrades. I also bought a lot of items from the market rather than craft them during the starter missions. I also had some books, that I don't intend to use.

My understanding is that only NPC missions allow you to use the majority of 'civilian' tech, and as such it will sell very poorly. However, a lot of it can be reprocessed into useful items. This I have done.

 I also had no intention of selling stuff in the starter area. Established players have ISK, many newbies do not. So I looked for a trade hub, somewhere that the established players hang out. I settled on Dodixie IX. I don't yet know if it is a intermediate or large hub, but certainly has higher prices for a lot of things than Trossere VII.

I have also started to do a couple of basic missions outside of the tutorial.  The tutorial missions really do spoil you with gold in comparison.  Oh well.  I am taking the opportunity to buywhat appear to be NPC items when I am away from Dodixie and take them back.  Not just books either, but things like command centers seems to have a large price markup; and will certainly pay more than doing missions.

I am not doing as well as Gevlon, but I have not started trying yet; enjoying being an absolute newbie.

Case in point: In WoW you have to trade on the market with items in your backpack (or ship in Eve terms).  In Eve, you have to sell out of your Hanger (or bank in WoW terms).  It took me far too long to work out why I could buy stuff but couldn't "Sell this item" on Dodixie but could sell it from Trossere. Put it in the hanger and you can sell it fine.

Now, I have to get a quicker way of working out what is underpriced and what is overpriced.  I have been spoilt by WoW's auctioneer and TradeSkillMaster.  I will work it out.

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