Thursday 29 March 2012

No more trade slots

I suspect I am selling in a lower populated area:
  • Skill books in Gicodel, Fricoure, and Dodixie
  • Command Centers in Balle and Didoxie
  • Veldspar in Gicodel and Dodixie
Markup on on skill books is often 600%, and command centres is about 300%.  I have been buying Veldspar for up to 13Isk/unit and selling it at 19Isk/unit. The pricing seems OK (as in I am not being undercut too badly) doesn't seem to be the problem; simply turnover.

However, I ran out of trading spots (currently 65), and dont yet have the free ISK forWholesale trading. 

Mining is the traditional newbie activity.  Yuk.  Buying Plex is the alternative easy gold activity.  Also yuk.  (It is my aim to be earning at least a Plex a month casually).

I could sell or crush my starter mission quest ships.  However, I am keeping them instead of insurance.

That is OK; An account can have 3 toons; so I am starting the missions on toon 2.  The starter missions give a few million, and I will either sell my new ships, or recycle them and sell the parts.  I will take a few points in trading, but will (try) to save this toon's ISK and books to buy the Wholesale trading skill book (31.5 Million ISK)  (Must not buy more stuff to sell).

I also need to find the high volume trading items (that I can afford).


  1. Hi Foo,

    I noticed some traffic coming from you so I put you in my links. Nice to see another EVE trader blog out there. Hope it goes well for you.


  2. Hiya and thanks. I have a reasonable WoW readership - but very early days for my Eve life.


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