Thursday, 5 April 2012

Those starter missions

This is for the newbies out there.

You first get a set of Aura starter missions.  They are easy - and the advice you are given is almost always accurate (one exception that still peeves me - I was asked to fit something I simply don't have the skill - or the skillbook for).  Take your time - no rush.

After you finish the Aura missions, do the trivially harder starter missions.  Good ISK for a newbie.  However, put aside a block of time and do all the missions for a trainer.

On my first two toons - and you get three; I let one expire.  On the second toon - I let two expire.  You can finish them in quick time; but I am playing eve very sporadially - Do a mission - walk away.  Come back & buy stuff then walk away; Sell stuff - and post WoW auctions.

You can probably do several sets of the starter missions in an hour.  However, don't leave one hanging part way through while you work on a second.  Dont even talk to a second specialist starter if you don't think you have an hour to spend clearing them - save them for later.

That way you get the goodies at the end of the trainer missions.

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