Sunday, 8 April 2012

AFK mining

I don't intend to bot; and I don't intend to actively mine.

However, AFK mining is both within the game rules, and a good use of time that I am not otherwise doing things inside Eve.  There is nothing 'new' in AFK mining for experienced players, but newbies may be interested for the relatively easy source of ISK.

I don't intend to activly mine, but my PC is available when I am not.  Gallente at least get an Industrial ship as part of their starter missions - the Iteron.  I have (so far) trained this to level 3, on my way to level 5. 

In order to take advantate of larger space for cargo, I bought the (as far as I know) best Industrial ship I can - the Iteron III; equiping it with High : Miner I, Core Probe Launcher I; Mid : Survey Scanner I, Small Hull Repairer I, Small Sheild Booster I; and Low : 3x Expanded Cargohold I.

I don't intend to keep this ship long; so have not fitted any rigs (everything else I can strip and re-use/sell/crush later).  However, I feel (in wow terms) "ungemmed and unechanted" by doing so.  The Miner, Scanner (to help decide which asteroid to mine), and Cargo hold extenders are useful, the rest are there in case I need them.  I will most likely resell this ship later.

Systems with security of 0.9 or 1.0 dont get NPC pirates (but could get player pirates), so it is comparitively safe (insurance may be recommended).

Some of the Ore I have either bought or mined,  I have reprocessed.  Others I have sold as is.  Largely the determination is on whether I can get a better sale price of the procssed mats or the unprocessed ore; using the the calculator at

For the effort of jumping to a suitable system, starting mining and going AFK (when I would have gone AFK anyway), it brings acceptible returns for a newbie.


  1. Hey!

    These are the known bibles for eve that can help you out:

  2. Top blog. I feel your pain. I too AFK mined. Tip : learn Minmatar frigate to 3 and then their industrial to 2 and get a Hoarder. 9000 cubic metres in a few hours. Plus you can fly Rifters for a laugh.


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