Saturday, 21 April 2012

A modest trader

To some, trading for profit comes easy.  10 Billion ISK in 2 months is impressive. For me, less so.  In just over a month, I now have a (not so) grand total of 20M ISK in sell orders; 24M ISK  in escrow for buy orders.  And very little cash on hand.

I have spent a couple of evenings AFK mining (flying to an asteroid belt - start mining and go to bed) - and I did do most of the initial tutorial missions (before they timed out on me), but the rest is pure trading.

As an excuse, I also have very disjointed game time at the moment.  Friday nights I spend WoW raiding.  Real life is distracting.  But these are excuses; I have not achieved what I set out to.

What has worked :
  • Buy orders on the starter rewards, with buy orders covering where the mission rewards are given.  There is a list of starter rewards and where starter capsuleer mission locations at and other websites.
    • Sell the skill books
    • Resell items used in tutorials
    • Reprocessing (recycling) the rest
  • Buy orders for Veldspar; setting the buy order as wide as I can.
  • Market sell orders for Veldspar; at first I scattered my selling; and found some systems that worked really well. Now, I just look for systems with high buy orders, and systems that need Veldspar for starer ore. 

What hasn't worked:
  • Expecting to be able to sell all things in every system.  This isn't WoW with a single linked auction house per faction; but a series of Markets - visible to each other within the same region; but not even visible outside of that region.  Some out of the way market that has no skill-books in it probably also has no buyers for over market skill-books either.
  • Being dis-organised.   In WoW, I can be slack; I know my markets and how they move.  Not so in Eve.
  • Tying up all your resources with non-productive auctions.  This includes both ISK and a very limited number of auctions.
I still don't know everything that reprocesses at a profit; but Eve-MEEP has a nice reprocessing tool, as well as keeping track of your current auctions; and EveMON highlights what orders completed.

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  1. If you don't have a lot of time try Planetary Interaction. Gevlon just put up a tutorial for a simple low skills PI setup that's pretty decent.

    I'd recommend going a little further than that though. You can easily set it up so all you have to do is log in once or twice a week, spend an hour or so on PI and make enough to buy a plex every month.


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