Tuesday, 26 March 2013

POS Security. How to kill friends and influence people

It's not paranoia if they are out to get you.

Like any reasonably minded wormhole corporation, we assume that any neutrals in the neighbourhood are planning bad things for us.

As part of that, anyone who is neutral will be shot at by POS guns.

Now we know that neutral pilots get shot at.  We ... 'tested' this earlier when one of our alt pilots temporarily left the corporation and promptly had his T2 blown up when he warped to our POS.  We set him and his new corp to blue, and he no longer gets shot at by guns.

Historically we have done our our recruitment process and invited players before they enter our wormhole.  Recently, a pilot known to one of our members, was invited to have a look around the system, as a candidate.

Our 'alt pilot' from before reminded me to set our candidate to blue, which I confirmed.

Candidate pilot warps to fleet member at POS, and promptly explodes.

Pilot is clearly blue : check.
POS shoots those that are neutral or worse : check.
POS does not care about security standing : check.
POS does not care about security status dropping? : check (also we are in wormhole. What is this security status thing anyway?)
We are not at war with candidate.  Check.

I am confused.  Pay compensation to candidate.  Get them ship out of the SHA.

Web search "pos shoot at blue", and I ultimately read :
If any pilot with a standing (applies only to the pilot's player corporation standings towards the POS's owner corporation) lower than the value you type into the box gets in range of the starbase then the tower will attack.* 
Please note: *When setting standings, only the POS's owner corporation standings towards that of another player corporation are taken into account. Setting standings towards an alliance, individual pilots, NPC factions or NPC corporations are not effective. Entering zero does not equate to a neutral standing. Only by not checking the setting's box and not entering any value is it ensured that this setting is not taken into account should a pilot come into range of any defense structures.

We had set the Pilot to blue.  We failed to set their corporation to blue.  I would love the addition of a single word to the text from the screenshot.

I think the appropriate term is face-palm.

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