Wednesday, 27 March 2013

CSM vote stage 1

For CSM8, there are two times you get to vote.  Once to make sure we are getting a list of popular candidates, and the later to select the least unpopular of these.

Today I am talking about the first stage of the voting : To select all the popular candidates.

Each candidate needs to get 200 "votes" in their own right (or the top 28 if enough candidates fail to get the required 200).

The candidate list for endorsement is finally available at

A prominent nullsec candidate talked about the plight of the little guy, their inability to become established, without a solution.  Wormhole systems are the solution.  The wormhole candidates know this.  I am endorsing the wormhole candidates.  (disclosure : I am a wormhole resident myself).

I have read some numbers, suggesting a likely number of elected WH candidates.  Living in a country with a preferential voting system, and seeing it used in real life, you always want at least one more candidate than you think is probable, to get that 'last spot'.

The candidates I recommend you endorse in this stage of the election :

Edit: I missed one : apricot baby.  A new player experience and 'engage the player base' candidate. Not a wormhole candidate, but worthy of looking at.

These are included based on my perception of engagement with the vote getting process.  There is some truth to the rumour that you only see a politician during elections.  And if you can't see one during the election, they may vanish after it.  I am also partial to bloggers, even part time ones.

I will be including Nathan Jameson in my 'vote for' candidates for phase 2. He misses out on an explicit endorsement for this round of voting, as I  am making an educated guess that he will get his 200 votes regardless of anything I write on this blog.

If you have any preference as to who you would like to see eligible for election (agree with me or not), now is the time to endorse your candidate at , once per active account.

PS.  If wormhole candidates get their 200 votes and let me know, I will update the above names.

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