Tuesday 9 April 2013

Standing facepalm

Don't tell anyone but I have been playing this game for nearly a year and still had not done even an L3 security mission.  After reading I go to bar to have fun not to talk, my conscience was pricked, and it is time for me to look at more than PI and wormholes.

Despite several pieces of commentary to the contrary, I have decided I want to get the standing for my first jump clone myself.   Stubborn and and apparently a grind.  You need a standing of 8 with an NPC corp to get jump clones.  I have trained up Infomorph Psychology to use clones.

Previously, I had completed 6 full sets of career agents, many of the 'keeping crime in check' missions, and the cosmos agent missions.  This gave me 7 raw faction standing, and about 6.5 to an NPC corp.

Now 6.5 is not that far from 8.  I dutifully try out my first L3 security mission.  I spend way too long worrying over fitting a ship.  Walk up to the mission; and over it falls.

Ok. Try out a L4 security mission.  This, for a guy who's idea of a preparing for a fight is working out how many warp core stabilisers and how much tank to put onto an Iteron, was somewhat daunting.

I pull my so called combat pilot out of the wormhole and pair him up with my jack of all trades/master of none highsec alt, and head of to the L4 mission.

It took significantly more concentration, and far more time to complete the L4 over the L3 mission.  Then it had the indecency to give less of as standing boost.  I gave up and went back to L3 missions.

Some were show up and not pay attention.  Another I was down to 10% hull, which was a bit of excitement for the evening.

Before "too long", I was at level 8.  It could not have been that many missions.  The only attention I paid was that I got 2 storyline missions doing them, so somewhere around 25 missions, and certainly not chained.

So, now where do Roden Shipyards have a medical facilityAnyone? Please?

Before you go hunting for your own standing to get own jump clones; read this list from Eve University.

For the record; Roden Shipyards is not there.


Oh well, my Federation Navy standing is 5.9 (modified). and that will be useful to reduce Dodixie trading fees.


  1. roden shipyards doesn't offer a medical plan? It's the United States of EVE.

  2. In the future try Brutor Tribe. Their are (4) agents in one station in Rens --- you can get (4) walk through missions at a time, bang them out, get storyline (which is where the real rep is) and advance pretty quickly. You will need to pop in the diplomacy skill afterwards just to make sure your amarr rep doesn't fall too low. If you do the Brutor tribe you will also get access to a couple locator agents (which can be helpful during war decs).

  3. Doing securities for standing is waste of time. Do L3 distributions for ANY corp in the same faction and proc the storyline for your favorite corporation (Fed Navy in this case). The storyline will give lot of corp standings.

  4. Roden Shipyards unmodified standing 7.67
    Duvolle Laboratories unmodified standing 7.62 after making sure they do have medical facilities....


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