Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Wardec redux, or how it's gone

I predict that one of these days, CCP will allow us to paint our corporate logos onto the sides of our ships.  Not only that, CCP will also allow for some variations to the corporate logos.  When that day comes, I am changing our logo to a series of concentric rings

I engage in PVP, or rather, I have PVP engaged upon me.  In our corp, we fly wormhole space, lowsec and highsec.  We have lost industrial ships with too much loot.  We have been caught up in a wardec that our previous alliance set to mutual.

I have no significant or serious objection to someone shooting at us in Eve.  Its a spaceship shooting game, with a relatively strong industrial sub-game.  That does not mean that I intend to make it easy for someone to shoot us.  In fact we go to some lengths to reduce the incidence of anyone shooting our ships.

Red Frog are great for getting wormhole goods to market.  We can get our goods to highsec and create contracts.  We do not know of any hauling corporation that will haul into our wormhole space safely on 12 hours notice.  For that, we need our own haulers.

While we are primarily a wormhole corporation, we still have highsec pilots.  These pilots haul into and out of out of the wormhole, and engage in some highsec manufacture, station trading and hauling on the side. We get our thrills inside the wormhole; we don't need them in highsec too.

So, the wardec was a nuisance.  When we broke with the alliance (on good terms), we were apparently stuck in a mutual wardec. We were sad pilots; but resolved to fix the problem.

The first order of the day was to establish one or more pilots with +7 raw faction standing to allow for highsec POS.  Our highsec pilots only travel into the wormhole every few weeks, and some of our highsec pilots happen to have high research skills.

The second one was to set up a new corporation for our highsec pilots.  There is some loyalty between pilots; we know each other and know that there is not going to be an arbitrary awoxing because that is what the players do.  We also have a one player per division rule (unlimited pilots) to somewhat enforce this.  We have little loyalty to a specific corporation name.

The final order of the day was to chat to more experienced but friendly players. 

Veteran : "Why are you making a new corp?"
Foo : "Because we can't get out of the mutual wardec at a price we are willing to pay."

Veteran : "You can drop the mutual part any time."
Foo : "We tried, you can't.  We went into the war itself and tried to click on everything; nothing worked. "

Veteran : "Yes you can, CCP made it so no-one would be locked into mutual wars"
Foo : "Huh?"

I don't have a screenshot, but on the Corporation -> Wars -> 'Our Wars' tab, on the right hand side of the screen, there was a flag stating that the war was mutual.  All I needed to do was click on this and confirm a dialogue box to unset the 'mutual' section of the war.

One week later, and the aggressor corporation saw no value in paying for a war where there had been zero conflict for months.  The war expired.

I simply had missed the button to unset the war away from mutual.  I seem to be very good at facepalming.

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  1. LOL, the downside of complex UIs... Finding the setting you need and figuring out how to change it.


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