Thursday 11 April 2013

CSM8 Voting

It does not matter if your preference matches mine, just vote.  In a preferential system, with all votes being 'formal', there is no wasted vote.  Vote all 14 slots if you have even the slightest preference.  Preferential voting systems have sometimes unexpected ways of voting that last spot. . Do this on all your accounts.  On my browser at least it remembered the votes from my previous account to make submission of later votes easier.

I at least listened to the wormhole debate, and have a preference for established bloggers where I can and have already read your history.  I do have a preference against reading the in-game forums, so if that is the only place you talk, you are invisible to me.

I am also repeating the advice of several bloggers based on their recommendations, and been swayed by corp members.

I have a preference against preserving the status quo for established large alliances, and as such have a preference against null bloc candidates.  Null are going to have candidates at CSM regardless of what I write on this blog.

My preferences :
    1. Nathan Jameson (Wormhole 5)
    2. James Arget (Wormhole 5)
    3. Cipreh (Wormhole 5)
    4. Chitsa Jason (Wormhole 5)
    5. Ripard Teg (blogger)
    6. Ali Aras (Newbie, quit and came back)
    7. Mangala Solaris (RVB)
    8. Unforgiven Storm (Null Industrialist : but ... Null Bloc)
    9. Steve Ronuken (3rd party apps community)
    10. Ayeson (Wormhole but least active in hunting votes)
    11. Korvin (previous CSM; but ... c1-c4 wormholes are probably what you want)
    12. Psychotic Monk (Active highsec bad boy)
    13. Malchanis (recommended on many of the lists I trust)
    14. Trebor Daehdoow (incumbant; some love; some hate)

    Blog recommendations I have found in case you are seeking other player's guidance.
    Edit : Additional reccomendations.  I missed a couple of reccomendation posts from blogs I do read and have a long association with.  In my defense, finished writing the post at ... way past midnight and wasn't thinking. 

    If you have an endorsement list to add, please leave it as a comment.


    1. Greedy goblin's recommendations but not mine? Foo, I'm hurt!

    2. Replies

    3. I also just wrote , a post encouraging those who haven't voted yet to get to it. Also has a bunch of slates with easy voting links.


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