Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Fly well Kirith

Kirith, of the Inner Sanctum of the Ninvea, wanted some ISK. He had plans on doing single player PI in a wormhole. 

I contacted him, and decided that there we could come to a mutually satisfactory agreement.  I won't say how much he earned, but he posted this update a fortnight after he joined us.

We didn't chat much, apart from the odd Hi/Bye as he refreshed PI. 

He made his ISK, and has decided to concentrate on his 'murderous tendencies', and we parted on good terms.  I won't say what his plans are, but ... he's a blogger; they are not that hard to work out.

Kirith, I would love a final post on your experience with us; the good; the bad; and if needed, the ugly.  If you put it on your blog, I can't be accused of censorship.

That means we have an opening for another PI farmer.  We have an in wormhole PI buying program.  Oh for those that are interested; PI is entirely legitimate AFK farming.

I do moderate, but not excessive background checks.  We lock down player goods to divisions, and keep everything expensive locked up. 

If this sounds interesting, read this recruiting page.  Personally, I play on my 'evenings' (Eastern Australian Time), which is not the time that most of you play.  However, send 'Dotoo Foo' (or even Saissore Foo) an eve mail, if you want to chat.


  1. I have a post in my draft queue, expect it later this week :) I need to publish my failings as a PvP pilot first.

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