Thursday 25 April 2013

Open letter to a recent WoW refugee, part 1 of many

Hi old friend.

It's been a while since we failed together so so often in the Firelands.  We covered many items in our chat, and there were some things I did not even mention.

Most things are re-sellable in one form or another.  The exceptions are implants (bound to a clone), and rigs (bound to a ship).  The concept of bind on pickup/bind on equip does not apply.

Missions in eve are somewhat similar to quests in WoW.  However instead of kill 10 rats, it is Kill X at spot Y.  Sometimes X is the leader; other times it is kill a sqaud.  Some are postal runs; others are mine, refine then make something.

Always be training.  I have been playing for over a year, and I still whine about the lack of skill points.  Open your portrait on the top left, skills, and then 'Open training queue'.  Make sure you 'apply' your skills.

You did the Aura missions.  This is good.  She sent you onto the career agent missions.

Do all the career agent missions at the hub Aura sent you to.

Read the text of the career agent missions.  Sometimes they ask you to carry something.  Other times they ask you to not shoot at something.  Twice you will lose your ship, the first can be totally empty, the second will need a few guns and a bit of ammo. 

Some career agents ask you to mine at a defined spot for the mission.  Once that spot is 'ticked' in your mission log, you can gather the rest of your ore at a spot of your choice.  My favourite farming spot is the market, though I suspect you will probably mine your own.

Upgrade to a destroyer when you can afford to (both ISK and skillpoints).  It makes the career agents missions easier, both in required DPS and HP, but that you can carry extra modules for mining or repairing.

When doing the exploration mission, hang around the the various cans and pick up extra 'proof of' documents.  I will pay for each complete set(*).  They seem to respawn every 5 or so seconds.  Any pilot can (theoretically) run this mission 12 times at different hubs.  I tend to run this mission at 6 different hubs per highsec pilot.

If you totally stuff up a career agent mission by not getting something; you can:
  • Create an alt and go and get the item on that alt (probably preferred at this point)
  • Find another career agent hub and repeat that agent.
  • Lodge a petition and ask for the mission to be reset.  This can be done from the question mark on the left hand side well below your player icon and 'create new petition'.  In my experience, the petitions to reset missions are answered quickly, though I prefer to try to ensure that pebcak does not apply before lodging tickets.
  • Buy the item off a contract, though I expect this is too expensive for a newbie.

Experienced players certainly have an advantage 1 on 1 in Eve.  Unlike in WoW, a large enough group of newbies can take down the most experienced player.

In highsec (high security status systems), most players will leave you alone, with the possible exception of you being in space but away from keyboard.

In low/null/wormhole systems, the consensus is 'not blue; shoot it'.  Assume anyone you do not know or has not been marked as blue will be after you as a trophy.  You will be warned by the game before going to these scary places.

You can pay for your game time with in-game currency legally.  This link shows the current prices for Plex.  I will help you explore options with this.  As you know, I live in this strange place called a wormhole, and we do this strange thing called Planetary Interaction.  We make a lot of ISK this way, but more in a later post.

There is more to come, but this wall of text is enough to read at this point.

While this letter, and the specific experiences is written to my old friend, it applies to so many others, and even to me when I joined Eve.  I fully expect to be writing this in many parts.  Each one will be labelled as WoWRefugee.

Notes (*) : This is an open offer.  Send an in game mail to Dotoo Foo, and we can arrange a price.  At the moment I am thinking around 100,000 ISK  per complete set, (and I am probably being stingy at this price).  A complete set is Proof of Discovery:
  • Anomalies
  • Gravimetric
  • Ladar
  • Magnetometric
  • Radar

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