Saturday, 4 May 2013

Imagine a tower defense mini game in eve

I am not talking (just) about structure bashes.

Imagine a game where the defenders have a choice between resource yield and defensive ability; defenders also get to choose the delay before offensive retaliation - again trading resource yield vs delay in retaliation.

Now for the attackers, the smart ones will chose targets that have picked maximum resource yield, minimum defensive ability, and long delays before offensive retaliation.

I think there would be corporations formed to play such a game; both on the defensive and offensive sides.  As either defender or attacker, do it right and riches can be yours.

Of course, there will be some that say such mini games are not possible in Eve, but I disagree.

I would call such a mini game Caldari Ice Fields; or maybe the Niarja gauntlet.  I hear that some play 'catch the WH planet gooer'  (I might be at keyboard but after the umpteenth planet I am not always aware)

Now the trick is to extend this form of gameplay : i.e. afk 'tower defense' into other regions of space.  Possibly an drone that appears from a distance to be a mining drone but in reality is a long latency; high alpha retaliatory weapon.

Bashing AFK farmers has been popular lately. Dual meaning fully intended.

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