Monday, 27 May 2013

WTB PI wormhole with highsec statics

Foo Holdings has done well in wormhole space, and is looking at expanding.

We will be keeping our existing system, but we are currently looking at a 'casual hauling friendly' wormhole.  That is, something with a high sec static.

We will be doing PI, and lots of it.  As such, I am looking for lots of planets.  'Perfect PI' is desirable, or even the ability to make POS fuel, but I doubt I would reject a system that had a majority of the rarer planet types.

From what I have seen, the higher the wormhole class, the more planets, but we also know that higher class wormholes can have more 'concurrent visitors'.  We would prefer a class 1 wormhole with lots of planets.  If such a system is available, I would pay more.

I am not 'exclusive'.  If you already have such a system, would like to remain in it, but hand over the setting up of poco's to someone else, I am sure that we can come to an arrangement.

Now, we have just bought the bookmark to an empty C1->HS system.  That is, the smallest class of wormhole, with a hisec exit.  For those that don't know, on any given day, we do not know where in highsec our exit will be, just that there will be one.

We paid 100M.  The PI is OK, but I do want better.  I bought the bookmark because it is the best system we have found recently, and wormholes with highsec exits are not offered for sale as often as those with lowsec exits.  If a better wormhole system is offered in the near future, we will buy it and sell this one.

Over the next few posts, I will be talking about where to buy or sell a wormhole, and my understanding of what likely buyers for different types of wormholes are looking for.

Next : How to find a wormhole for sale.


  1. I bought my last one my making a lowball offer on a thread. Just before the wh was going to expire he took me up on it.

  2. The last 3 wormholes I bought were through TTI and
    I can't remember the name of their channel in game, but the transactions were safe, secure, and quick. I'd check into it if you're looking for a specific hole.

  3. Anonymous - 'spoilers'. But still good advice anyway.

  4. For the record, we are *not* currently looking for another c1 wormhole. I see a potential future where we grow enough to justify a C5


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