Friday, 10 May 2013

How is that Eve blog list of yours

Many of us have our blog reading lists.  Some of us used Google reader, at least until the shutdown was announced (and coming soon).  I have moved to feedly.
My readership sources, in order are:
I get google links on the strength (or lack thereof) of my posts (though I also suspect google reader).

The next most important source of readers, is Eve Bloggers.  It's a great site, and has introduced many readers to my site, for better or worse.  The only problem is that the last blog list update that I can find on it is July 2012.  There is one site on that list that appears to be robot filled once/day.  There are new sites that should be on that list and are not (though I have submitted them on behalf of their authors).

Well, I can either complain, or do something about it.  I try not to indulge in pointless whining when there is something I can do.

So, I will (re) announce yet another blog roll.

I have added (almost) all the Eve bloggers list. I looked again at I have added those that are on my current reading list (which is actually much more than I have on the right hand side of this blog).  I have even started hunting through other blogs that I read, and have added many more blogs.  I also need to go back over the list and find any additions.

I however, have not yet finished even a first pass of looking at other blog lists.  Every so often the blogger interface doesn't want to play nice.  Other times, first life interferes, or I just want to play Eve.
  • 23 blogs with changes in the last 24 hours, plus
  • another 32 blogs with changes in the last week, plus
  • many more with older posts.
This is an open invite to leave your blog URL as a comment, either to this post or to the 'blogroll' website.  This post (read way down the bottom) gives the guidelines for inclusion.

If someone else wants to do a prettier job, or use/build a tool actually designed to handle this type of job, I am willing to point readers in your direction and/or come to an arrangement regarding the blogroll itself.


  1. Good work and thank you for including me. May I suggest you post about it on the My Eve section of the official forums:

  2. @Stabs. I have posted to the forum as recommended.

    You have commented way to often on this blog for me not to look at your bio and find your blog.

    I am actually contemplating removing the right hand 'blog list' column and replacing it with a 'go read over there' link. Having 3 separate blog lists to maintain is some what problematical.

  3. Interesting... May I ask how many hits you get here?

    For me the main traffic sources are

    1. Greedy Goblin
    2. Google
    3. links from articles on my own blog
    4. Reddit

    Not counting garbage referals like filmhill or surfsidecoupons.

    I get 250 - 350 hits on days when I make a post and for a day or two after, 150 or so when I haven't posted in a while.

  4. Hiya Moxnix; 1/2 way down the sidebar, I have a Pageviews last month applet. According to it, approx 4500 views / month.

    PI posts are my #1 read posts; with people reading them months later; some with thousands of pageviews.

    Next come interactions with other bloggers; where there are explicit cross links. My first quick pageview post was talking about a brush with Fweddit.

    During the last month, my top 'pageviews' post was about 250 (Inner sanctum cross post). A standard post might pull 110 views; an "interesting post" will pull 160.

    About 2/3 of my pageviews come from the day of my post, with the rest being a 'long tail' of readers.

  5. I found a link to a blog I don't see in your list:


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