Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Prototype cloaks for T1 scanning ships

Yet again, while shuttling (expensive) goods to highsec, I find a T1 scanning ship sitting in plain sight, on the highsec side of a wormhole.

Wormholes and their entrances are not places to be casually visible, sitting in space.  There are some exceptions.  These are :
  • You are showing off how bad-ass you are (but rarely with cause), to scare away the timid.
  • You are bait.
  • You are actively shooting things.
  • "You" are a POS or POCO (these things can not be hidden).
  • You are sitting inside a POS (so you can watch the system and pretend you are away from keyboard, and what the hell, they found your POS anyway).
  • You are going somewhere and are not in a covert ops ship.
If you can be seen, you can be countered.   (If you are bait you want to be 'countered').

In a wormhole, any fight that comes to you is an attempted gank.  Any fight you take to someone is an attempted gank.  (A broad statement, but still true).  For any fight you undertake, be the one to initiate it.  This means stealth and surprise are your friends.  Sitting openly where anyone can see you means you have lost that stealth and surprise.

I play the hunted rather than the hunter.  I am 'timid' with cause (well as timid as anyone living in a wormhole).  A tech 1 frigate sitting at the highsec entrance to my way home means I am just going to turn around and safe up.  If you wanted a shot at my industrial (most likely full of expensive stuff), cloak up and catch me on the inside with a tackle.  (Mock bravado now.) Be warned: Even timid animals will bite if they are cornered.

Stealth is just as important if you are 'merely' running unclaimed sites.  You still don't want to advertise that you are around, and an easy mark.

Hunters that find you are just going to refit for PVP to take you out (if they are not already kit out that way), and even the distracted can hardly miss a ship sitting on top of a wormhole.

Gankers : You can assume that any hauler coming out of a wormhole is likely to be profitably gankable.  Wormhole pilots are also not your traditional AFK highsec hauler.

This means that you should not sit in a wormhole in a scanning ship uncloaked.  You should not sit at the entrance to a wormhole uncloaked, even a highsec entrance.

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