Monday, 8 July 2013

Blog Banter #47 : Eve knowledge

Do you remember your sense of excitement in your first MMO.  That wonder in learning new things.  The thrill of the first dungeon boss, the first raid boss and finally that last boss of the expansion?  I do. Sometimes you felt stupid, but it was still a lot of fun.

I am a refugee from that other popular MMO.  The one where your eliteness is measured by the gear you have.  Where you learn the dance by watching a youtube video, and where, with the exception of a few guilds during beta, you are destined to be a follower and not a leader.

This is not to say that I was perfect at that game; but my limitations were twitch and time based; and difficulty in finding or making a group that wanted to run the content that I wanted to run, at the times I wanted to run it.  Some nights I spent way to long in trade LF1 healer Firelands (and even occasionally LF 1 DPS).  I completed Dragonsoul as a raid healer, admittedly in GKP runs, but more than holding my own.  I did not have what it took to organise heroic raiding.  So much herding cats.

I left that other game because of it's lack of complexity; and am loving Eve for it's abundance of it.  I have been playing 18 months now, and there is still so much I don't understand, still so much to do.  I have concentrated on making my own patch of space in a wormhole (now 2 wormholes), becoming competent with PI, and now moving into research and manufacture.

There are players with 5 years of low/null experience, who still see wormholes as strange mysterious places with different rules who have no idea how to live without local.  I don't have to go looking hard for challenges; they are just around the corner.  For me that is branching out into invention.  For you, that might be fighting in that nullsec war you may have heard about.

Given time, one person could probably learn a bit of everything in Eve, or a lot on a few topics.  While I can't speak on behalf of the day 1 veterans, from what I have seen, the rest of us can find somewhere to stretch into.

We have the right to get it right, get it good enough, or simply get it oh so wrong.  Don't fly/do what you can't afford to lose, but still dare to push your self imposed boundaries.

One of the most entertaining fights that anyone following even a few blogs will recall came about because someone clicked the wrong button.

I have taken out customs offices with a small squad of afk cruisers, probably to the hilarity of the gankers that came along and 'taught us'.   But I am the one with the customs offices now.

Research, both reading and experimenting has a place in this game.  While there are clearly wrong ways to do things (and you can't get much more wrong than afk shooting stuff in a wormhole), there is no single way to play Eve right.

Even if it ends up being stupid, dare to do something.

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