Sunday, 14 July 2013

Wormhole (C1) PI farming corp recruiting

Foo signature industries is our latest corporation.  It is a C1 wormhole based, with a highsec wormhole.  It has a 8 planets comprising of Barren, Gas, Storm and Temperate. 

Alternative pilots; new pilots are welcome.

You will be able to do PI, and be prepared to learn to scan your way out of a paper bag.  You don't need to be great at either of these, and we can help you learn to scan.  2 days, 3 hours required training time per brand new pilot.

For this corporation, you will not like the awoxing or ganking of industrial playstyles.  No point in putting temptation in front of addicts.

For more information, see


  1. There are no problems with depletion because so many characters are using the same few planets for PI? Likely for the same products as well?

    Currently running all epic mission arcs but planning to more to a new environment after that.

  2. Wh systems have MUCH more base potential, and better replenishment.

    As depletion becomes an issue, I will get new wh systems. Our c2 has some issues with depletion on the most popular planets. Our c2 supports a lot of pilots.

    Our C1 (which this ad is for) does not have depletion issues yet.


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