Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Odyssey Tech 1 Industrials, Round 2

CCP Rise has made 'special' industrials, and given us back our second highslot.

For the record, I take cheese with my (previous) whine.  Industrialists will do what they do, with whatever tools we are given.

For me the take home notes are:
  • Bestower becomes the largest T1 hauler by a trivial amount.
  • Dedicated Mineral Bay (Iteron Mark II), PI commodities (Iteron Mark III), Ore Bay (Iteron mark IV), Ammo Array (Hoarder).
  • T1 ships are given specialities : HP, Cargo (not the Itty 5 any more), Fast.
Each trip, every visit to a WH customs office is dangerous.  As such, I have previously fit to minimise the number of trips.  Keeping enough space spare in either cargohold or customs office so that, if caught, I can dump all goods into the customs office, align to home, and get my pod to safety have been my priority.  I don't get caught often, but it happens. 

Since the patch, my goto PI hauler is the Iteron Mark V.  With the new tiericide, expanded cargoholds are no longer needed for the Iteron Mark III (PI hold of 45,000m3) to hold more than a customs office (35,000m3). No point when flying to a customs office of hauling more than it will hold.  So, another hauler fleet replacement for us.

PI and Mining haulers will also want to replace ships. I know that some will want to use the fast/tanky t1 haulers, though I thought covops frigates/haulers would be better for that role.  It probably is worth brushing off those T1 BPO's and checking their ME and PE levels.  Except for Iteron Mark V's; probably time to lose those.  It will go from best T1 to ok, but every other T1 will be better at something than it. Every T1 hauler from Jita to Null and beyond replaced ships when Odyssey hit.  They will do so again.

I also expect the Iteron Mark V, Expanded Cargohold II and Medium Cargohold Optimization I markets will fall very hard.

For those that are interested, I will list my fitting thoughts.  Feel free to laugh, I am not entirely conventional (or probably even optimal) in my fits. 

I will be changing my fits from maximum cargo to maximum escape.  No industrial has a 'real' tank, but I only need to shrug off point and survive long enough to enter warp.

The Iteron Mark III will have a Slot layout: 2H, 4M(+1), 4L(+1); 1 turrets , 0 launchers

I have PI alts with different skills.  I am not going to worry too much about exact fittings.   Some ships will be a tighter fit than others.

High slots are easy.  Cloak and core probe launcher.  These ships will not often use them, but they are there 'in case'; both for backup scanners at home in case things go horrible, and if caught in neighbouring wormholes on the way to empire space.

For low slots, I am considering 3 warp core stablisers and 1 damage control unit; though I am unsure of the exact mix I will end up with (Nanofibers for quick align is another option).

With a ship that has a chance of escape, having a (so called) decent tank, yet keeping your signature small  becomes important.  16 seconds is the base align time.  Mid slots will most likely be an adaptive invulnerability shield, with shield extenders.  I am considering a shield booster, and/or shield hardeners; in part to get that signature down.

For rigs, Screen Re-inforcers? Low Friction Nozzle Joints? Core Defense Something?  Not sure yet; I will have to do some research.  That phrase ending with 'at the expense of signature radius' on the shield rigs bothers me somewhat.

We occasionally make runs to empire space to take out mined ore;  A similar fit will be used with the Iteron Mark IV.  As our hauler pilots are already Gallente industrial inclined, we will probably stay with the Iteron class for general hauling.

My eventual fit will be influenced by reading sites like Tiger Ears, under the theory that you should keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.

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