Sunday 8 March 2015

CSM X voting close 10 March, vote already, vote often.

If you have not already voted in CSM X, now is the time to do so.

Voting for CSM X closes 10th March 2015.

While we all can talk to CCP, the CSM is listened to more often than most of us.  You want the best eligible pilots to be the ones talking a little louder than the rest of us.

If you don't already know who to vote for, the following resources will be useful:

I want you to vote, on your primary accounts and on your alts.  Once you have your voting preferences selected, voting with alt accounts is as simple as logging out/logging in and submitting the vote.

I would like you to fill in all 14 preferences.  For some this will be too much, and that is OK (your vote is still useful and valid even if you only vote for 1 candidate).

There will be some candidates you want on CSM.  Put those first.  There will be some candidates you can tolerate. Put them next.

If you have not gotten to 14 votes, consider who you dislike the least.  If your vote prevents that 'horrible' candidate from getting in, it was worth it.  This applies even if we have different ideas on who a 'horrible' candidate is.

Your vote will count.  Last year, only 79 votes separated spot 14 (elected) from spot 15 (not elected *).

For a little more about the deadlines and voting process, you can also see

(not elected *) : Asayanami Deihas did end up serving a partial CSM 10 term due to casual vacancies; that is where someone else "resigned".

Minor edit because some days I can't spell.


  1. According to the CSM8 data ( ), if you vote for just 3 people your average vote exhaustion is 13%.

    I think CCP shoots itself in the foot by "demanding" 14 votes and especially by allowing 77, mostly troll candidates. With a pre-screening that leaves 30 candidates and only 6 slots, the voting would have much higher turnover.

    1. Gevlon, you may have already answered this on your blog but I'm not a devoted reader of it but why haven't you tried go for election.

      You seem to be telling people on your blog that they are playing the wrong way, [in-game entity] is doing something wrong or even CCP are letting this happen due to poor decision/design.

      For someone who is easily more vocal than ~95% of the candidates I'd be interested in knowing why.

    2. They aren't demanding anything.

      They just make it possible.

  2. I didn't realise that they demanded 14 votes this time around (and probably never would) but would still fill in all spots because there are occasions that it matters.

    I agree that there are many that would not vote if they could not find a minimum number of candidates they approve of.

    I suspect / encourage that there be a minimum activity test on the forums for CSM 11 candidates. Possibly that you must post a 'vote for me' in the candidacy forums.

    Looking at the history of how we got 70+ troll candidates, is that previously we had unnecessary and somewhat bizarre initial elections where we started by voting for 28 out of 33 candidates. (assuming my CSM 8 memory holds)

    I would rather the problem of 70+ troll candidates than lack of interest. Apparently voting is up to CSM 8 levels.

    1. They didn't demand it.

      You could quite happily put in a ballot with less than 14.


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