Thursday 5 March 2015

Whack-a-mole with Google Docs and Eve Central

My primary PI spreadsheet ( ) is fixed again.

In my last post about Google Docs, I inadvertently tripped a google doc limitation.

I have added caching to this spreadsheet, and temporarily disabled it in my other spreadsheets.  This should not only resolve my urlfetch issue, but also significantly speed up the loading of the spreadsheet.  It comes at a 'cost' of encouraging the data to be up to 6 hours older.

I will be rolling the changes out to the other spreadsheets soon.

I also found a github code snippet from 'Haggen', also putting together google docs based eve-central calls

For those interested, I have raised a bug on Fuzzy Steve's github repository,


  1. do people use excel with the eve central api or only Google docs?
    I know I had more experience with excel and was wary having my work remotely hosted so I preferred to not use Google docs.

    I also recall finding it difficult to find information on how to use the eve central API with excel. Its been a while since I played eve but I'd happily share one of my excel sheets if people want to see how the eve central API can be used.

  2. Anti, I know a corp member uses Excel. I am not sure how he does it. If you want to put your excel document up on a suitable site (drop box, google drive etc), I am happy for you to paste a lnk here

  3. When I went back to one of my sheets it seems to get it to work I wrote a user defined function in excel.

    I needed to do this because there was no inbuilt JOIN function.

    to view the join function you need to enable developer mode, open visual basic. it is the only module called module1.

    i wasnt sure how to let you download the file from googledocs without giving you full edit rights. so if you can make it downloadable by others but not deletable perhaps change the link.



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