Sunday, 21 October 2012

Beer induced AFK

No; I didn't personally have (or intend to have) too much to drink.

My tip of the day : Don't store beer an open can of beer on your desktop.  It's stupid.

My power supply ... well it tried drinking and it didn't like the results.

I am not entirely sure what is damaged.  Power supply - almost certainly.  Anything else; not sure.  Seeing flashes of red coming out of your PC immediately before the RCD trips is not reassuring.  No actual fuses were tripped.

I do have multiple PC's around the place; with differering programs installed.  Of course only my main PC had Eve.

I would love to pretend that my posts were so regular that the average reader could tell.  Oh well. 

Hopefully irregular programming will resume "soon".


  1. I pulled out an older (work based) pc; that I am currently posting from.

    Pity it's graphics card is insufficent to even run Eve (it lacks a required shader and the game doesnt even start.

    The form factor and power supply are insufficent to run my graphics card; and I am not quite at the point of putting it into my main pc box (yet).

    There was a very definite smell of beer in the power supply; so that has been replaced.

    Now; whenever I turn it on, I get a brief spin of cpu and power supply fans, before it goes dark again.

    Upon closer investigation:
    * One of the memory cards smells of beer.
    * The graphic card smells of beer.


    That drink is going to turn out expensive

  2. That is what I call a bad day Foo, god luck fixing it came back to the regular broadcast.

  3. I am sort of back.

    Salvage a full sized, but low end video card out of replaced equipment.

    Take the lid of the half hight pc; install some video drives and eve ... crawls?

    I am not sure I want to be in a large fleet battle. But then I generally try to avoid any battle whatsoever.

    Irregular programming should resume shortly


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