Thursday, 4 October 2012

My act of aggression

I am ... unused to shooting at player stuff.

Our wormhole had mostly Interbus customs offices.

5 have now been replaced, with Interbus successfully defending on 3 occasions; sometimes 'calling in player re-inforcements' or something like that.

However, there are 2 different player corp owned customs offices in here; for corps that appear to be inactive. 

One is around a Barren planet; we have plenty of Barren worlds so this is not a problem; we will ignore this customs office for a while.

Once is around an Oceanic world; and that is a problem.  They are currently charging 5% tax; and if they are still active and paying attention, will have seen income.

While 5% tax is not a lot; I intend to be here for the long term.  I would rather have an upfront charge rather than an ongoing tax.

I could offer to buy the corporation out;  however you need to be in system to hand over rights.  It's a wormhole; and showing even an alt in a shuttle still gives them the ability to bookmark an entrance or tell 'friends' alts where to go in to re-take it.

I could negotiate very low tax, set up planets, and have them at a whim raise the tax.  I suppose that I would not be too badly done by with that.

However, the plan is to take it down; during 'our' peak time, and then allow the weekend for extra during the day time to crash it after re-inforcement.

Then, we will have "perfect PI", with 0% tax.


  1. Unless you have reasons to think they left an alt in there, I cant see how they would manage to find you and get a defence gang going from you REO the POCO till it comes out and can be popped.

  2. Ashimat; that is the plan. And was even the plan to start just after downtime (my last night)

    However a combination of a very busy neighbouring C2A (we counted 20 ships; many of which were confirmed active) and extended downtime meant that we will try again *soon*.


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