Monday, 8 October 2012

Wormhole PI setup, part 1

We now have our perfect planetary interaction planets all with 0% tax.  Nothing personal against the owner of the customs office of that last planet, but we wanted 0% tax, and you were never on when I went looking.

The short term aim is to have 6 characters all with Command Center Upgrades 4, Interplanetary Consolidation 4, Planetology 2.  However, Command Center Upgrades 3 is enough to have useful extraction; and many of my characters only have that.  My factory planet characters all have Command Center Upgrades 4.  Nearly there.

It's a long way to the shops from here.  You also never really know where the shops will be.  As such, I am 'farming my own materials'. 

Normally I like to buy the cheap stuff, and process the expensive stuff.  Without easy, reliable access to cheap stuff, I will simply make what I want in here.  The opportunity cost of "buy cheap" and transport exceeds "make locally".  This might change when our wormhole becomes a net (volume) exporter.

Exporting to the best markets will be relatively easy.  At worst, it is haul product at the nearest hisec station, and set up a hauling contract to wherever.  We have a 'static' D382, meaning that it is easy to get to another random C2 system.  Many of those have highsec connections. Hauler services exist for when it is not convenient for us to haul to market; e.g. Red Frog.

Hauling to buy stuff from market is harder.  Often we have been organised, and bought items ahead of time. We consider a 10 jump trip to be short journey even if it is across 2 lowsec systems; and 30 jumps only moderately long.  Some things we will still buy from certain system; but even those of us that are used to buying at the best price are finding the opportunity cost 'expensive'. With the alternatives being
  • Close, cheap enough, buying now; or
  • 45 jumps, cheapest, buy orders, haul right now.
Buying now often trumps hauling long distances now.

And for those keeping track; it is Other players + Interbus 3 vs Us 8.

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