Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Eve is not just one game

For many who read this blog, you already know this; for those who followed me here from another game; you might like to know it too.

I was writing a comment on another blogger's post; where the blogger was noting that a significant other didn't enjoy the game that much.  I was posting a comment, when blogger crashed on me as part of logging in and I lost it; bother; oh well, it is included in this blog post.

I enjoy Eve's crafting game;  Eve players actually make 'gear' that matters.  My preference is that players made all of the gear that mattered; but we make most of it.

There is the standard solo PVE game; highsec; moderately safe; with meaningful progression. There is 'kill 10 rats'; but even ratting has it's own reward.

There is group PVE play (without the fixed group size of other games).  I have not done any yet; but from what I read; like any group activity; putting together the appropriate group is most of the challenge.

There are player owned empires; Nullsec.  In here the ability to attract, retain and control hordes of players appears to be what matters;  Great for huge battles.  Have not spent much time in null.

There is lowsec; Never really owned by anyone;  I have experience in there. From what I have read; lowsec is the most dangerous of spaces; Easy for attackers to come and remove the existing 'furniture' and make a mark; but a lot of effort to permanently control.

I like wormhole space.  The class defines what you need to fully exploit it.  Our C2 (with lowsec/c2 statics) is enough to keep 3 players busy.  For the PVP types; our C2 static gives access to twice the opportunities.  We have 'perfect PI'; can set our own taxes and no regular trouble; while still having irregular and unpredictable strife.  There is a limit to the number of ships that can cause strife.  Still enough to cause trouble but roaming visitors are limited to battleships; where residents can have caps if we want.

If you are solo; I would suggest a C1 wormhole (even less visitors; though less challenging/rewarding PVE).

If you were a larger corp without wanting the stress off huge ; maybe a c5 or c6.

You don't have to choose between highsec safety; and null with huge alliances; there are other options out there.  I am enjoying them.

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