Wednesday, 28 November 2012

o7 from LowSec: Introducing OutOfBound

Greetings, Pilots!

 OutOfBound is the name, and I'm proud to be hosted on Foo's Eve Musings. You might wonder "New guy?", and yes, I am. To this blog, but not to EVE, and not to MMOs in general. A short introduction seems in order, so here I go:

I started playing MMOs way back with Ultima Online when it came out (and with MUDs before that, also "Meta- MMOd" as a Fido Point), dabbled a year or two in World of Warcraft. Then, once upon a day not so far back I set foot into New Eden, seeking adventure, fame and profit.

During the following weeks spent some time doing the usual "stuff" in EVE: Mini Professions, Mining, small scale Industry, some Planetary Interaction and a lot of flying around, occasionally getting blown to pieces. I didn't have any special goal in mind at first and just enjoyed the intake of new information, scavenging through blogs and forums to answer the "What do I really want to do in EVE?"- Question. Connections made finally drove me to Low Sec, and that's where I set up my home. As a Newbie. And I survived there.

My answer to the "What now?" question came a couple of weeks after moving into LowSec. I love doing things in manageable steps, so I settled with this:

1) Manage to pay for my Accounts in ISK. (Yes, I started out with two accounts from the start, another "Beginner"- Post will tell you why).
2) Get into the Research/Invention/Production Business. We're talking Capitals, baby!
3) Find a way to get my stuff into and out of my Home system without those pirates bugging me. (Read: Learn to use a Jump Freighter, and also buy one).
4) Bring something unique to EVE. (Yeah, that's a hazy one).

Fast forward one year:
1) Achieved, mostly via Capital Production.
2) Achieved, and I can also fly some of the monsters I construct.
3) Achieved, owned and having over 250 Jumps into Low and Null Sec under my belt without getting blown to pieces.
4) Work in progress, maybe this Blog will help.

So, what can you expect from me here, you may ask? I'll try to be beginner friendly, but some posts will be for more experienced players. (Building Dreads or Jump Freighters isn't for the beginner). Expect some ramblings about how to be safe in LowSec, how to be a good Cyno and Freighter pilot (and actually make good money off of it), how to upgrade your industry from drones to Ships to Caps or even Supercaps, tricks of the trade with POS setups, how to handle your own Corp or even Alliance, and all other sorts of things that I've experienced during my ventures in EVE.

For now, Fly safe!

tl;dr: New guy, gonna post about this and that and how to make a ton of ISK without station trading all the time.


  1. OutofBound is one of my first in game resources I turn to with industry questions. I hope not to nag him too often.

    I am not 'going anywhere', and as has always been my pattern; I will most likely write more posts with someone to feed off; and occasionally disagree with.


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