Saturday, 24 November 2012

Wh Sale Attempt #2

Ok; in first life I live Down under (otherwise known as Australia).

I am awake and at keyboard when you are asleep or at work; you are asleep or awake when I am a keyboard.

This makes selling a wormhole difficult; but not impossible.  My apologies to those that have mailed or whispered me.

So; you want to buy a wormhole but don't trust me without seeing it;  I want to sell a wormhole but don't trust you to pay once you know where the entrance is.  Mmmm.

I can put up a bookmark to the entrance on a contract.

If I was a buyer; what would I like to see?  There is a saying in MMO's: Screenshot or it didn't happen.

I can 'prove' (photoshop skills not withstanding) that I have been in the wormhole and have a fresh entrance; and provide a date/time.  (click for a larger picture)

I can show that I have scouted for control towers off the various planets.

Planet 8

Planets 1-7

I can claim that I am showing force fields but not moons on the above; but can't prove the order of screen shots.  I can fly to the control towers and show no force field. (again click to expand)
Tower on VIII

Tower on VI

(And also get better at using dscan in doing so)

I can offer some independent information about the wormhole ; showing there are only 8 planets.

I can put the bookmark in a contract in a nearby highsec system.  Not the same system; you might scan down the WH entrance directly from that; and that would be bad.  Not too far away; that would be annoying for the purchaser.

I can state that bookmark I am offering on contract is for this wormhole.

I can offer a public guarantee that if the bookmark goes stale; I can provide 1 more bookmark to an entrance.  This guarantee is limited to a refund of the sale price (I might get ganked).

I can spend way too much time doing this.

Edit: for serious buyers that can get a reliable (and online at downtime broker), please in game mail DoToo Foo.

Edit: sold


  1. Do it like anyone else and use a third party to safekeep the money until the buyer confirms the deal is done?
    Maybe Chribba?

  2. I tried Taggart Transdimensional (in game channel wormhole sales).

    Taggart offer the perfect brokerage service; if only ...

    Same problem; buyers; brokers and I were never on at the same time.

    Therefore no sale so far; lets try an AFK method; already suggested by in-game mail.


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