Wednesday, 21 November 2012

WH for sale (not mine)

There is a website;; for 'explorers' to list what they consider suitable wormholes for sales.  (site guidelines state no active forcefields)

Taggart Transdimensional (the corp behind the website), also offer a 10% brokerage service (generally 5% from each the buyer and seller).

I have also been spruiking the benefits of wormhole space for small corporations.

Entirely coincidentally (really; I was drafting yesterdays post before we found it), our corp has found one worth selling; J151311.

EDIT: Being someone on at downtime; I am happy to sell a bookmark to the system via contract and/or via Taggart Transdimensional (in game channel Wormhole Sales)

The Wormhole we are selling:
  • is class 2 (NPC's very roughly equivalent to L4 missions from what I have been told; I don't know - having done neither the anomalies or L4 security missions); 
  • has sots of anomalies (generally means abandoned for a while);
  • has a highsec and C1 static;
  • has 7 planets but not a 'perfect planet' setup; meaning if you want to make all things PI you will be importing some parts.
It is good for a small number of accounts; who does not require perfect PI; and who does not require a pirates lifestyle.  (Our home C2 with a C2 and lowsec static is superior for that)

My recommendations for planning to be a long term resident in wormhole space is:
  • Work out whether to set up a dickstar (defensive) or deathstar (offensive) for it. 
  • Being able to put up a medium or large tower; (anchoring; space haul the tower)
  • Have starter fuel : a few days of fuel blocks; 12 hours of strontium.  These can be pre-placed in anchored giant secure containers.
  • A cloak
After your POS is initially set up and running you will probably want:
  • Anchor and online up your defensive and offensive modules.  As a rule; Arrays go inside the forcefield.  Batteries outside.
  • More fuel and ammo.
  • Some equipment storage (corporate hanger array)
  • Some ship storage/refitting ability (ship hanger array)

A medium term resident might be satisfied with an Orca on a logged out toon instead.

There are hunters who love to find someone putting up a POS.  So you want to minimise the time between starting to anchor and getting a force field up.  Think about pre-scattering some giant secure containers around the system; locked with supplies.  Do not sit uncloaked on your anchoring POS.  As soon as the POS is up; fuel it with both fuels.  I have never had a problem setting up POS; but have seen others have significant issues.

If you are planning on PI; how will you take down customs offices (interbus or old player owned)? How are you going to beat a 500hps shield (peak) regeneration; 10M of shield?  AFK with disposable ships?  At keyboard risking boredom. A mix of both?

If you are planning on setting up multiple POS for reactions or research; any WH has plenty of moons; but no moon goo.


  1. To the would be purchaser; With the extended downtime, could not re-scan a new wh tonight;

    Will make a new bookmark another one when I get home from work tomorrow.

  2. di you already sell?

  3. But there will be more sales later.


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