Friday, 25 January 2013

1 WH bookmark for sale

We have found an empty C2 wormhole system recently in our travels.

J150109 ; a C2 with a C2/Lowsec entrance, currently have a scanning toon in this WH; Available for sale as a single lowsec bookmark into this system; free of active towers. 250M

Expired : The other is J141438; a C2 with a C5/Null entrance.  If you have a PVP disposition; this is the WH for you.  If you want this; get in quick; we will not be leaving a scanning toon in here.  The entrance will close by Eve time 2013.01.26 01:00.  Available for sale as a pair of lowsec and C2 bookmarks.

This is listed on and

If you are interested in either of the above; please leave a comment or contact/send an in game mail to DoToo Foo.

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