Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Selling WH Bookmark

A few days ago we came across an empty wormhole.  http://www.staticmapper.com/index.php?system=J150109

Empty of towers but very full on signatures.  Very very full on signatures : 30+.  There is enough PVE in there to keep you busy for a while.

Not perfect PI but enough to be interesting.  It is a C2 with a lowsec/C2 static's; making it a reasonable springboard for the PVP inclined, or (even the Ganker v Player).

The exit (A239) was scanned at 2013.01.29 : 11:53 Eve time.  An A239 is a lowsec exit.  The wormhole will only be open for 24 hours.

I warrant that the WH is empty of active towers (1 inactive one).

A bookmark to this WH is up for sale by contract by Ernaga Foo in Piak (a nearby highsec system), for 200M ISK; for the next 24 hours or until sold.  Then however it works the WH is someone else's problem.

If you have questions; then send DoToo Foo an in game mail; but probably also leave a comment here; and another corp member may be able to answer questions while I am sleeping and you are awake.

This WH has been advertised on wormholesales.com, and http://evescan.com/; as well as in the "wormhole sales" and "wormholes" in game channel.

(edit : links to the two listings added)

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