Monday, 28 January 2013

Industrialists and Miners rejoice

Yesterday; a massive fight happened.  Reports of 800B ISK in damage.

I know the Eve economy is large; there are lots of ships, fittings, ammo and drones; ore, minerals and PI laying around in hangers.

But reports of 10% of players being involved; regardless of the initial incident being staged or not;  this will take effort to rebuild.  Even if it was staged; players have the sniff of blood; and are looking for a fight.

The drums of war are beating.  Now is the time for industrialists to make ISK.

According to a corp mate delivering stuff for me: Jita was so crowded after fight yesterday that "officials closed the gates"  will have to try later.  I didn't even know such things happened.

Among other things; in PI; I will be building more Robotics (T2 Drones, T2 Fittings, Fuelblocks).  I admit this is a slightly self serving recommendation; I am currently a net consumer of these, but it's still reasonable advice.

Robotics prices Everyshore region 6 months to Jan 2013

For those interested in making ships or equipment; go have a look at what was blown up and what did the blowing up.

Jita has been absolutely crowded, if you know what pilots want; maybe use eve-central to find named T1 and haul that back to a hub.

Almost everything needs minerals, and refined ore.  Now might be the time to mine if your that way inclined.

Ships have died. Strike while the iron is hot

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