Wednesday, 2 January 2013

A brush with Fweddit

After my most recent ship loss; I decided it really was time that I purchased some jump clones.

Yes, I could sign up to a corp that has the required standing and then sign out again; but in some things I am 'do it yourself' rather than hire it out.  That, plus my chosen lowsec bordering base has AFK'able distribution missions available; and the standing will also help with reducing taxes.

Well, I was given a lowsec distribution mission.  Stuff it; I have a Viator; it'll be alright.  (yes; my lost then found Viator)

I warp into system; gate is clear.  Cloak anyway and dock at station.  Bless it.  How many reds do I count?  3? 4?  Mild moment of panic as I wait to dock and start clicking on tanking modules.  Docked? fine.

Now; I spend most of my time in a wormhole; and often forget about local.  This time I check.  It's alright; they will be gone in a little while.  The last time I was here, it was a largely empty system; but that was months ago.

Umm.  Nearly 30 in local.  In lowsec.  mmm.  So; they are all in station?  Guests in station is about 10.  There are other stations; they might be there?

It's bed time anyway; so log off; go to sleep.  Wake up. Now 45  in local, still only a few in station.  Almost everyone is in the Amarr Milita; Almost every one is in Fweddit.  I have missed a blog in my travels.  Oh fancy that; I am in Egghelende.

So; I read local.  Tears; gf; a very suspect offer to purchase undock rights.  Nope; not poking my head out of here just yet.

So I bring in an unskilled alt to have a look around.  I warp 100K from one planet over and dscan.  (By the way; I love the new camera tracking on selected items; makes dscan much easier).  Is that 8 wrecks I count; and an active hurricane? 

Still on alt; warp to 100K from station; All of a sudden; 3 more ships pop out of nowhere and a long chase happens.  This alt I have is really new (well he has PI skills but apart from that blessed all); and I have afterburners instead of MWD's and the distance goes from 120k to 100k.  Ok warp out, and set up another safe point.  Oh, and new wrecks too.

What do I know about escaping a camped station?  I know how to live or die at a jump gate; and even at a wormhole; but you have to get into warp before being able to cloak.

Ok, instawarp bookmark should help.  Nope; don't have one of those.  You generally want a quiet night for that; and I don't see one.

I have a few friendly pirate acquaintances; they know something about undocking in a camped system?  Sure.  When my very negative sec status friend comes in his cloaky frigate and says 'they are fast'; I get concerned.  A few more fresh kills get posted in local.  One of the kills is a cloaky frigate but not my friend.  Bless it. 

No point in having a ship if I am too afraid to move it.  So the question is : immediately after downtime or at a different time?  My negative security status friend suggests that they are camping; and just as likely to camp immediately after downtime.

Over the time; local is now down to the low 20's so we reckon that now is as good a time as any.

Form fleet; he lines up what should be a instawarp bookmark; and we test it with my unskilled alt in a frigate; 

Undock; screen goes black;  Warp off;  No problems;  works a charm.  Immediately warp off again to a safe spot.

We wait roughly 10 minutes, rinse and repeat; but this time in my Viator.

Undock;  screen goes black;  screen stays black; snafu? Screen still is black.  As I read it my screen finally comes back; and as I read DOCK!!!, I warp to him.  I have crap reflexes.

Chirp chirp chirp chirp. 

And then warp.

Had the lock finished?  Was it the warp core stabiliser that saved me?  I don't know; and only theoretically care.  Cloak up; warp out.  Any day you get away is a good day.

I have chosen a largely pacifist way to play this game.  There are still plenty of ways to get an adrenaline fix as a low sec / wormhole pilot.

Finally; Hiya to Fweddit.  Glad I bumped into you; but I don't see myself visiting any time soon.


  1. Heh.

    Hello there!

  2. Our Port Authority is quite efficient at dispatching anything that comes into or out of the station. Good on you to make it out safe, not many people are able to pull that off.

  3. Aww, come back! :) Glad you had a fun problem solving adventure in our humble home.


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