Thursday 6 March 2014

Always have access to probes and launchers in a wormhole

I was recently reading the Wormhole channel.

Pilot has no probe launchers or probes.
No one was online in local.
Set of +4 learning implants.
Cheap retriever fit
Enters wormhole several times. 
Wormhole collapses as he enters it.

If you plan on leaving, ensure you have probe launchers and at least 8 probes.  This might be in a mobile depot that you use to refit.  It might be on an alt pilot plus ship.  It might be on your ship (as an offline module if necessary).

Some pilots might be sympathetic.  Some might merely want to get you back to your clones station via the fastest possible route, and grant you a brand new clone in the process.

Now if you do ever do the dumb thing (and you will) your choices are limited.
  • The slow option : 
    • Ask in local.
    • bookmark your position.  
    • Eject into your pod.  
    • Dscan your way to the nearest active forcefield and find out who owns it.  
    • Look up the owning corp on  Add every single member to your watch list. 
    • Use to work out who is still active in that wormhole, search on the system name.  Add these members too.
    • Work out how much ransom you want to pay.  Offer 1/2 before, 1/2 after.
    • Use to work out the active time.
    • Evemail the likely pilots and be on during their active time.
    • Pray that the will honor ransoms.
  • The incredibly, mind bogglingly tedious, painfully slow method.  Find another scanning pilot. Find a wormhole that has  a static that points to the type of wormhole with your stuck pilot. Roll that wormhole : it wont take more than an hour solo (much faster with freinds). Keep rolling it roughly 400 times until you are lucky enough to find your main pilot.
  • If you don't like the above two options, the quick option is self destruct your pod.
Don't leave known space without probes and a suitable launcer.


  1. I had this situation. Guy came into my wormhole to do anoms. I did PI and didn't want anoms. We even chatted on local. Since I had lot of PI to transport, I jumped too many times and the hole collapsed.

    Guy on local: "the wormhole DISAPPEARED! It wasn't EOL FFS." Instead of scanning him out, I sold him a mobile depot, a T1 scanner and 8 probes.

  2. One other option that may be time consuming but definitely less tedious than the crazy wh collapsing idea: look up the pilots of the corp through then put locator agents on each one until you can find one in k-space. Zone your cov-ops in on them and follow them home. This tactic is normally used for much more nefarious projects. Of course if its not a ridiculously expensive clone or ship, its usually just quicker to hit the big red button!

    p.s. Goblin: always the business man! I'm presuming you took your usual 50% mark-up!! ;)


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