Wednesday 19 March 2014

Does it belong in a wormhole?

We want to be safe, think that obscurity in our low class wormholes will keep us safe. 

Some days you get to cause the trouble, some days you are the one in trouble.  Those of us that are bloggers cause ourselves more trouble than we need to.  Today I get to read about someone else's trouble, and consider what I should do.

I intend to remain in wormholes, making (or not making) my ISK.  I encourage others to make their own ISK to fund their own EVE goals, or if nothing else, to share in mine.  I enjoy creating my mini-empire. I enjoy seeing corp members running sites, sucking gas, organising trouble.

BUT ... given a recent wormhole eviction of another blogger, it is time for everyone who uses POS to re-evaluate how we use them.

If you want your assets to be kept safe, put them in the nearest highsec NPC station, where you can get someone else to haul it on a courier contract with sufficient collateral.  Not entirely dangerous is in your own division in a POS (and some would say your own POS), though clearly it can be made to disappear by hostile forces.

We should be asking ourselves the following questions : Am I currently using this ship/PI goo/blueprint/extra tower:
  • To make ISK, for PVE, for defense or offence; and am I using it now?  If not now, then when?
  • Am I holding it here but probably will never use it?

Regardless of what it is, if you are using it now, then great, please continue to do so.  I don't care if you use it to make ISK or war, or even to orbit the POS staring at it, while soaking up EVE. 

If you are planning on using it soon, please consider if you need all of what you have.  Does someone else in the corp need it?  Will you sell, trade or give it to your corp mate?

A couple of spare ships in your POS makes sense.  We keep spare shuttles and scanning frigates, and of course Epithals.  There are also a few disposable PVP(ish) ships in case of need.  Refitting modules, spare probes, drones, ammo are all good to have.  As are skillbooks you will need soon, and command centers for when you inevitably want to redo your planet.

But if you are planning on never using it (regardless of what 'it' is), take it out of the wormhole.  Truth be told, I am not as good at keeping a spartan wormhole as this blog makes post makes out, but even I will do better.


  1. Von Keigai was asking for it. X-large SMA, 5B loot in it, capital ships. Don't be a damn loot pinata and people won't loot you.

    Also, it's best not to be at open war with the largest coalition in the game.

    1. At least don't look like a pinata. Stuff those capitals out of sight. Don't anchor more SMAs and CHAs then you need.

  2. Good post. I'll certainly be purging my POS of unnecessary junk...

    My take on it is to look at every item in or at a tower with three things in mind. First is as you say: is there a reason for it? If not, get rid of it. Second, is it costly? You can have all the Epithals you want, at 2m each, and losing them is no big deal. Finally: can you get it out if your tower were reinforced and bubble-wrapped right now? If it is small and on a ship (either in cargo or a fitting), you can. If it is large, maybe. If it is in the storage of any POS part, you can't. We were lucky that we had plenty of time to evacuate all the high-value stuff from our XLSAA. If the enemy had started shooting at, say, 9:00AM on a weekday, everything would have been locked in.

    Incidentally, I am not sure that "eviction" is the best description of what happened. TNC killed our tower, but they did not kill our POCOs nor did they remain in our system after killing the tower.

    1. True evictions are pretty rare. What happens is folks their stuff burnt to the ground and have to rebuild POS'es. The system itself don't change hands, its just the "control" of it that's temporarily lost.


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