Monday, 17 March 2014

Wormhole evictions happen (but not to us today)

I was reading, and his follow up about a wormhole eviction that they are undergoing.

I understand his pain, and am reflexively sympathetic. We have been there.

Evictions are rare in C1 to C4 wormholes.  Rare is not the same as does not happen.

What we have observed in our time in wormholes, that the following things attract POS bashes:
  • An undefended POS 
  • Any Carrier or Dreadnaught in an C1-C4
  • Any storage array without an active forcefield
  • A small POS (and to a lesser extent, a medium POS)
  • A clearly 'carebear' (or industrialist) corporation.

I fear that Von Keigai's corporation had 2 'sins against Bob'; Capitals in a lower class wormhole, and an undefended POS.

We ourselves fell afoul of the 'clearly carebear' and not having a large POS in our class 1 wormhoe.  We have taken steps to rectify this problem.   (Bob willing)

The most common substantial loss in a wormhole is due to a POS running out of fuel, with an SMA, or some storage array being undefended and full of loot.  We have shared our wormholes with other corporations, some of whom let the lights go out.  We will be be implementing a new policy: If your lights go out, we care. We will try to contact you.  If we can't find you or you take to long, we will take your shinies before someone else does, though we might give some of it back.  We do not want hostile POS bashing fleets in our system.

Dickstars now have a hard counter in class 2-4 wormholes.  

I am not saying what that counter is, but ... if you care, do some fairly obvious research.  (As an exception to my normal comment policy, any comments attached to this post that mentions this counter will be deleted.)

Other blog posts about evictions:

Mabrik listed his time being evicted on

Gevlon listed his time evicting on then being evicted on

Our own (successful) defense against an eviction attempt Defence lists our own time under siege.  We did not have the same class of opponent.


  1. Let me start by saying I now regret evicting Mabrick/HBHI. I should have simply killed their cap ship instead of jihad'ing them out of the wormhole. Initially I was excited for them to join SYJ, but as time went on I realized it was a poor fit.

    There are three overall lessons to be learned from Von's eviction.

    1: Blog at your own risk. Blogging about w-space living makes you a huge, huge target. Initially I attacked HBHI because they blogged about what (expensive) ships they ran sites with, but a healthy component of it was knowing they would make us space famous. Solution: Do not blog about evictions or eviction attempts. This sucks, bloggers love to blog. We are fueled by kills and blog posts about us feel as good as 10 kills.

    2: Shop around for merc's. Seriosuly, I have nothing against Noir. they are great pvp'ers and once they get in the fight will go toe-to-toe with anyone. But they half-assed this defense. Now this might just be Von didn't ask them to go crazy or it would have been out of his price range but for a fleet of Marauder kills other w-space merc's would have been rolling c4's, sending people up every pipe, locator agent'ing the invader's scan alts to see where they came out and sneaking in more scouts + other methods. Waiting until just before the RF timer and hoping the invaders are bad is not a good strat. Solution: Ask around, find out which merc alliance doesn't have much scheduled that week and is willing to go the distance.

    3: Fit your pos correctly. Seriously, a large pos can WRECK the dickstar counter as long as it has a few pos gunners. A few warp scrams/disruptors + tons of large guns = win. Sieged dreads are scared of this type of tower, the dickstar-counter ships will literally get volleyed off the field.

    1. Don't blog about evictions? But that made for his best writing so far :)

      I don't know any background, but wouldn't being the ones that save the poor siged blogger also make you space famous?

      Agree with the other points tho. Great stuff.

  2. I believe the only safety comes from zombiehood: if you have no visible loot, no one will bother you. Gankers come for kills and tears. Tears are proportional with kills (no one cries over an empty tower).

  3. Also: I completely agree with Gevlon. Looking like you don't live there is the best defense, but can take an insane amount of work if you want to run sites. Best strategy is to fit up a large tower with heavy defenses. Have one SMA and one empty CHA. Use the CHA for refitting, use the SMA for storing ships. Have enough Orcas and Orca alts to log off ALL fittings and ships. If you suspect invasion safe-log Orcas at safe spots. If they bash the tower the only thing thing they get is tower kill+empty SMA/CHA.

    One way that we've done this when nomading is to use an orca with a small tower/fuel/stront. Scout hole, close connections. Deploy tower->run sites->sort out loot->scoop tower->safe log. This has a high administrative cost in terms of time, and is mind-numbing to do regularly hence the suggestion to simply leave a deathstar with nothing in it.

    The reason I suggest leaving stuff in the SMA except for during invasions is that it is fairly easy to combat scan an orca as it logs off and agresss it before it disappears from space if you know that it is going to happen. I.e. you see a pattern of 3 orca's logging off and hour after sites are run.

  4. Actually you can fully prevent your Orca being scanned on log-off:
    - warp to a safe
    - start aligning to another safe
    - start safe log off
    - spam dscan
    - if you see combat probes, abort safe logoff, warp to the other safe and cloak up.

    1. Even safer (if your internet connection is solid) is this trick:
      - warp to a safe.
      - cloak; move in a random direction.
      - leave yourself logged on until downtime.

  5. Yes. But that requires you to pay attention. If you have to do this every night people get lazy.


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