Monday 24 March 2014

The discovery pendulum swings

In the last major release scanning and awareness of scanning became easy, some have argued too easy.  Specifically, when incoming K162 is spawned, anyone with the awareness to have open the scanner window open can see it.

My philosophy is that for good game design, the actively aware player should have an advantage over the player who is not paying attention.  I am even comfortable having hunters choose what fights they take part in.

As readers know, I am the hunted, and very rarely hunt myself.  Even I think the discovery scanner as is, is overpowered (1).

Well, CCP Fozzie is drinking the dumbscovery Kool-Aid, with a vengeance.  Specifically, he is looking to prevent active, aware players from knowing that there are ships incoming.  " ... that solution is somewhat unsatisfactory since players could always return to the old trick of spamming probe scans to check for the new sigs."

If you have any opinions as to whether players who are actively paying attention, and are properly paranoid should be penalised to the same degree as if they were merely afk drone site running(2), please add your comments to this thread.

My own addition to the topic can be found here

(1) I also think local is overpowered, and that the solution for cloaky afk players in null is to grant cloaks the ability to remove the cloaked pilots name from local - but that is a different issue.

(2) Yes, I am aware that I may be biased.


  1. I totally agree that the active and aware player should have an advantage. I just wish we could move past the point where "active and aware" = "repetitively clicking the scan button".

  2. a) Yes you are right scanning awareness should help you
    b) you are not right about local. We AFK cloakers would gain benefit from such ability - also "AFK cloaking" is fine. If i'm afk i can't harm anyone, if i'm not AFK.. well its not AFK cloaking.

    1. wait wait don't tell me31 March 2014 at 13:58

      " you are not right about local. We AFK cloakers would gain benefit from such ability "

      Isn't that exactly the point he is making?

  3. Ah, come on, you old gits just don't want to embrace change. Get with it, it will be fun! :)


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