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Dev Blog : industry UI


  • Less unneccessary clicking
  • No batching of jobs (yet)
  • Prettier UI.
  • POS based industry will still will need everything in the arrays, but can be in containers.
Edit: Gah, I had plans to put some polish on this, but info is coming out too quick.  A good problem to have.

I have some plans about testing this as an interested group as soon as it hits SISI.  Some of the manufacturers who have blogged about these changes already know me.  Some will  be reading this blog for the first time.  Regardless, we should test as a group on SISI to test the boundaries of what happens when too many pilots share a station/POS.  If you are interested, leave a comment or evemail Dotoo Foo.

Blue posts from first 7 pages.  I will create a new post soon once the thread has settled down.  For those of us that care, add your comments to the forum posts now.


Due to the enormous amount of improvements and changes we are preparing, we release a series of blogs instead of one massive crazy huge blog.

More information will be published in the next blogs before Fanfest.


The idea is that the system will remember all settings for a blueprint, so if you set up 1 Scorch M BPC, all subsequent blueprints of this type will default to the last submitted job settings.

So you set up the first blueprint, then just hit submit on the subsequent BPCs because everything is set to go.


The plan is to have this on Singularity in the week following Fanfest.


To elaborate a bit on the core thoughts around the UX of this window, all interactions will be very to the point and within this one window, there are no extra windows or confirmation steps. You visualize, modify, start and deliver jobs all within this same window.

Also everything will have tooltips if you need additional clarification or information about any element in the UI.

The essential information will be there at all times, but things that are only needed as an additional clarification will be in a tooltip.

Give us specific examples about what information should be displayed at all times that you feel is missing.


We will have to nail down the details once it goes to Singularity. The idea however is that, it remembers the settings based on the last submitted job. If you are submitting a BPC of the same type with less runs, then it goes to the max number of runs based on availability of materials.

If you try and submit a BPC with more runs it should go to the max runs dependent on the materials available.


A Task Model is the first step of brainstorming where we start very broad term and then scope things down. This Task Model was done to allow us to explore high level concepts which we have since then iterated on quite heavily. It's there to show our methods rather than give an accurate idea of what's coming.


If you mean the cost bar on the Installations tab, then that is providing an average relative price between the different facilities but as you will find out in a later blog the exact cost for installing jobs is going to vary based on both the activity and the blueprint being used.

Q: Timeline for more information
A: This week.


Just to elaborate on a few things, here is a section from the blog that judging from the feedback needs to be clarified more to the point:

Interactions should be efficient and meaningful

Any interaction in the Industry UI should be a gameplay-related decision done by the player instead of the player farming through confirmation windows and checkboxes. We wanted to strip out any unnecessary interaction unless it had specific purpose for the task at hand, whether that is changing actual input materials or output destination or simply adding more runs to a job. We added multiple ways to efficiently add count on runs (using keyboard shortcuts or direct manipulation on a value slider around the selected blueprint). Speed was another important factor and players will be able to start jobs super quickly and get instant updates on values when tinkering with job runs.

The TL;DR of this section is:

    The system will be smart, it will auto apply all needed materials when you on click a blueprint (you don't have to drag).
    The system will automatically go to the max runs supported by the blueprint if you have enough requirements, or go up to the amount it can handle with the requirements you have.
    Speed was one of our BIG goals, this is much much much faster than before.
    The system persists any settings so if you click another blueprint, it goes to the same settings as the one before it.
    You will be able to re-submit past jobs with a single click.


Yes, you will be able to build using materials and blueprints inside containers in a POS or in a station. The materials and the blueprint however must be in the correct assembly array.    (Foo note: sigh; there goes my dreams of PHA based POS research)

Q: Allowing POS based users to filter region wide station installations
A: Good point, we'll see about adding it again. A lot of the filter options are completely open for debate.

Q: remembering what division are being used.
A: It will remember between sessions.


Q: "You will be able to re-submit past jobs with a single click. "  How far back does this extend?
We're hoping to have a 3 month history, we still need to do some performance testing on this.


Q: Who gets the notification about completed corporate jobs?  Is it possible to disable this notification?
A: People who have access to deliver it, and yes disabling them will be possible however the notification feature will be coming in a point release later.


We have been playing around with the idea of batch installing jobs, however the speed of submitting new jobs or resubmitting old ones may mean we just don't need the added complexity that batching creates. When this hits SiSi we'll be looking for feedback on exactly this.

Question regarding UI lag.

This depends a little bit on your internet connection, swapping activity or blueprint will require a remote call in the background, however you no longer need to click a fetch quote button and we are optimizing this checking as much as possible to keep the interface snappy. A lot of the validation is now performed client side to help achieve this.

Q: Will it treat the pos as one big storage?
A: This requires a POS rework and so no this will not happen for the summer release, but we agree that would be preferable.  (Foo note; ARRRRGGGG!!!!!!!!!, sob sob, sigh.  I understand but .... I need cheese for my whine)

This has not changed from before, you need to have your materials in the assembly array already.

However I have poked CCP Ytterbium about whether we could increase their capacity anyway and he is going to take a look. However we can't make any promises on this.


Comment: Include text labels for all materials, please. Remember how you had to go back on the pretty but nondescript weapon icons? Same goes here. Immediate recognition > pretty graphics.

Good point, we had a discussion about this today and are brainstorming some ideas to get a quick spreadsheets style shopping list.

If you double click a blueprint it will open in the new Industry UI, after which you can pick the activity to perform. It will display which activities are available for this blueprint and which are not.

Comment: ... could you also brainstorm some ideas to get an “export to CSV” button in there?

Yeah we are discussing this, or a copy to clipboard + paste in excel option for example.


Yes you can manufacture from a container provided all of your materials are in that container.

For now you will need 10 quick clicks, the interface can be used with the keyboard now so click down arrow, and then enter to submit. Down and submit. etc

Comment: So, we have to create high sec alt corps for protect our BPOs, then produce copies and ship them to null sec.... just becasue CCP didn't what to add a "pick location" to the new UI screen.
A: That's not why, but it is a nice side effect. (Foo comment : hear hear)

The plan is to move the estimated input cost into a tooltip.

We felt having multiple ISK values on the screen ran the risk of people accidentally assuming it was a cost that needed to be paid.

We have some designs for how a batch system would work but it does add more complexity to the UI in order to explain what a batch is and whether or not you can submit it / how much it costs etc. We are going to see how efficient the UI can be without it and then re-assess if it is worth trying to add some additional helpers in for mass producers.

If the difference is 10 seconds vs 3 seconds to fill your characters quota of industry jobs though then I'm not as worried about the time it takes. It is still a significant improvement over the current UI.

This is not the last discussion we will have about this feature request though.

Thank you, we will make sure to spend more time on having accurate information in the content within our mockups in the future. This mockup was mainly used to define layout and show what UI elements are different between Reverse Engineering and other activities. The client screenshots had more accurate content in them. (Foo Comment : I read this as "too much qq, so next time less information, and more slowly")

Thank you all for your feedback, I am collecting everything into a list which the team will look at and give input on regarding solutions and iterations. I will report back with the results but it might have to be after Fanfest though.  (Foo Comment : So long, thanks for all the fish; I've had a gutful already)

For all up to date info:

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