Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Jita not burning yet

Over the last few years, the CFC 'hosted' a Jita Burns event, where thousands of ships were destroyed in a short timespan.

I also had rumours, some of them published, that Jita burn is about to start, (and some unconfirmed sources claiming that it should have started days ago).
There is plenty of propaganda from both pro and anti goon forces.  Read the above posts.  Even more interesting is how earnest some of the comments are, especially the 'we will crush you if you do "X". 

For me the biggest impact is ... nothing. I will continue to do what I already do.  I don't AFK into Jita, or through Niarja or Uedama (or theoretically any 0.5 system).  Instead, if I want to AFK fly a ship, I will autopilot into a station just this side of the 'dangerous' system.  I don't put too much cargo (or even expensive fittings) on any AFK ship.  Where I am uncomfortable, I fly those ships at keyboard.

I have lost ships when autopiloting before,  the one that sticks in my memory was a covops scanning frigate.  My cargo hold was empty so I asked the ganker why I was targeted.  I was obviously auto-piloting, but had a Sisters of Eve launcher and 8 sister probes worth some in a thinly tanked frigate.  The former offended the ganker and the latter made the gank profitable.  The advice I was given was don't autopilot.  Instead I learned not to autopilot in a ship that could be profitably ganked.

The best advice I have for hauling expensive cargo in highsec is don't do it unless you have to, or at least follow hauling corporation rules. (which I have used) or (which I have not yet) both have rules that protect both the goods owners and the goods haulers.  

Red frog suggest a maximum collateral of 1B for a freighter.   This means that you should not haul more than 1B of goods in a freighter. My rough feeling is about 50M for an Iteron Mk V (depending very much on fittings, with figures somewhat supported by Agony Unleashed ).  An Orca can have a better tank than a freighter, so (properly fit) can be used to haul higher value, smaller items.

I primarily haul my own goods to the nearest highsec entrance, and will haul items I need to our wormholes.  This needs hauling now, and even 12 hours most likely means that I have missed my entrance.

Before I could fly my current ships, I was known to haul 100M of fuel in an Iteron Mk V, but never away from keyboard, with liberal use of instawarp bookmarks and scouted routes, and always at keyboard.  With a choice of both Orca and Obelisk, those days are now thankfully (mostly) over.  (I might still occasionally be known to fly such loads, but don't tell the gankers that)

If you do haul your own goods in highsec, set the autopilot for your destination to check for 0.5 systems.  I prefer not to autopilot in 0.5 or in trade hub systems (setting the autopilot to a station still en-route but just short of your destination.

Never haul with a pilot in a wardec (and even drop corp if you have to).  Make liberal use of fast aligning bookmarks.

With the allegedly up and coming "Jita burns" (smoulders?  smokes? whimpers?) event it is worth paying additional attention to ship kill statistics.

Dotlan will show a spike very quickly when any such event occurs, eg There is not yet a spike.

Jita : Ship Kills Last 48h

Alternatively, from ingame:  Map, Star Map - Stars/Statistics/Ships destroyed in the last hour (or 24 hours)

Choose the timeframe you are interested in.

Jita isn't burning yet

Jita burns historically claims to threaten all haulers; but really concentrates on profitable ganks.  This makes sense; someone has to pay for those ganking ships.  Jita burns is also not just one system, but potentially any trade hub and/or commonly travelled 0.5 system.

If you do get caught in a gank (during an event or otherwise) in a ship that is not defensible, choose a 'celestial' object (moon, planet, customs office), align to it and start spamming 'warp to' even before your ship is dead.  Once you are in warp, immediately choose yet another destination and warp immediately upon leaving your first warp.  Bonus points if your default distance is 70k or 100k.  This will greatly improve your chances of pod survival.

The latest rumour I have read is that Jita burns will start 26 April 2014.   While it make sense, being after the CSM vote (no point in rousing the highsec community during voting season), this is still merely a rumour, to be taken under advisement.

Finally the one concession I will make during a Jita burns event. Once it is confirmed it that such an event has started, I will swap to an implant-less clone on hauling pilots that I know will want to go to Jita.

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  1. Excellent advice.

    I also learned the hard way that if you are in your empty Obelisk and see that you have some junk in a station nearby - do not set an autopilot route to it and then wander away. Especially if the station is in low sec. The autopilot will merrily carry you into low sec (even if you have that warning on that asks if you really want to do this when you're at the keyboard). Apparently, if you set an autopilot route it assumes you know what you're doing. A bad assumption when I'm involved...


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