Sunday, 27 April 2014

Jita singed

Jita burns has finally occurred. shows a lot of ship losses.  Most of these are ganker ships rather than gankee.

This year, I wanted to take part in Jita burns, to see its impacts first hand.

I insured my Obelisk to platinum, got into an empty pod, put a double wrapped civilian gattling gun into my cargo hold and autopiloted into Jita.

Then I waited, waited, and waited some more.  It is really hard to get ganked

I autopiloted into Jita 4/4 in my Obelisk.  I autopiloted back into Perimiter.  Turned around and flew back to Jita.  I did this many times.

A couple of times I was contacted, and was offered the 'opportunity' to pay between 100M and 500M to get a 'pass' to not be ganked.  Given the purpose of this was to be ganked, the answers were variations of the following:
  • I am not at any risk
  • All talk, no action
  • Na, nothing of consequence will happen
In Jita local, I offered a  service where I would take goods from Jita into Perimiter.  I did get one bite asking for my prices; my comment was that I had no idea; the purpose was to attract the 'wrong' attention.

I started manually warping 20k to gates and slowboating.

I did get several bumps, and the odd pot shot (immediately concorded and kill rights obtained).

After several hours, I was finally ganked in my freighter; 90+ catalysts, and a couple of frigates with points were committed.  No wonder it takes so long to be ganked; co-ordinating that many players takes effort.

There have been a few freighters ganked that I wanted to get close to with ECM based alts boats, but it is hard to be in the right place at the right time.  I have been out of range of most of the ganks. I think I managed to get a few ECM's in but on a fleet of 100 it does not make much difference.  What I think will work better is an ECM burst with the possibility of taking out 10 or 15 ships.  But again, getting at a suitable range seems to be hard; I am often a 100k from the tank, and it's over in 30 seconds.  An ECM burst is only available to pilots willing to be Concorded themselves.

There have been some truly overvalued ships that have been destroyed as part of Jita burns, lists some of the currently 11b freighter/JF kills.

I have tried to get ganked on my Orca; but no takers so far.  At one point I was even orbiting the Permiter gate in Jita while making food for the (first life) family, and came back to fireworks being shot at my ship, I think by another blogger.

Orca's seem to be off this year's Jita Burns menu.

I have found the experience interesting.  There is nothing like knowing first hand what it takes for ganks to occur of some of these ships.  I already have experience of T1 industrials, and wormhole ganks, but this is the first time I have been involved in a highsec 'tough' ship gank.

Given how difficult it was to be ganked during Jita burns, and my general cargo carrying guidelines, I am far less worried about flying my freighters AFK than I used to be.


  1. As long as there are more juicy targets, a freighter with a single plastic wrap is low on the priority list. And of course it takes 100 catalysts to gank - Jita is .9 system, CONCORD comes in around 9-10 seconds (5-6 if it's one of the first ganks in system) and catalysts are laughably easy to alpha off the field.

    Those "random potshots" you see are most likely to give you an aggression timer to prevent log-offskis, it's a quite common tactic. lists 197Bill in kills for this years Burn Jita, but I think that only counts kills in Jita itself, not in the surrounding systems.

  2. Hilarious. :-)

    My Obelisk's too far away for me to bother. Glad someone was willing to try this -- for science!

  3. Let's hope next year the troll feighters will defeat the event!

    1. But Gevlon you said they would defeat the event *this* year and you were very wrong.

    2. Uh, clearly he was right. I mean look at how badly Burn Jita has gone! I mean we did more damage than previous years, made a load of isk and had an absolute riot, but we didn't kill Gevlon's Orca, so clearly we lose.

      I kinda hope they do choose to all troll though, after a few losses and the realisation that they still lose hundreds of millions more than us for every loss, they'll start to get a bit sad. If they really want to fly about in 10% tidi getting blown up to throw isk away though, by all means they should.

    3. it was my Orca I was trying to lose. I succeeded with my Obelisk but failed on my Orca.

      Oh well, maybe next time.

    4. Indeed.
      But let me ask you, what does that prove? That a particular freighter can move in an out if he's showing up on intel every couple of minutes while there's better targets? That's hardly a surprise.

      What would you suggest that means though? Should people just ignore Burn Jita and proceed as usual?

    5. I would suggest that goons concentrate on stupid pilots obviously carrying too much.

      I suggest that haulers dont put too much (value) in their holds.

      I suggest that jf's are not the correct ship in jita during a burn event.


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