Thursday, 10 April 2014

Foo's CSM 9 recommendations

Vote early.  Vote often (once per account you have). 

This means that if you have 8 accounts, I would like to see you vote 8 times.  I know the UI is not the best, deal with it.

I have taken a mixture of sources for this list, listening to many of the interviews, as well as reading their jita park posts, blogs and other blogger recommendations.

I do not need to agree with everything someone has said to recommend them.  Candidates will be more likely to be promoted if I have sufficient information about them, from any of the above sources.  Sufficient nullsec candidates from large powerblocs will get in regardless of my recommendation so do not need additional promotion.

Each candidate has a brief reason why they are where they are. "+" or "-" means I like that reason (or not).

Top Tier :
  • Steve Ronuken. +Out of game tools.  If you ever want to use any out of game tool (Eve Central, evemon, EFT, pyfa, anything) you want Steve on the CSM.
  • Proclus Diadochu.  +Wormhole
  • James Arget. +Wormhole + CSM8 support role +No/restricted delayed k162 - Decide earlier.
  • Corbexx. +Wormhole 
  • Sugar Kyle. +Lowsec +Market +Blogger +PVP

Middle Tier:
  • Ali Aras : +Merc, +CSM 8 very active 
  • Riverini : +EveNews24 -Null
  • Psianh Auvyander +Merc
  • corebloodbrothers : -Null but +NRDS(provi) 
  • Mike Azariah : +CSM8 +Highsec (otherwise under represented)
  • Asayanami Dei +Wormhole -No legacy of capsuleer interview 
  • Psycotic Monk : +Someone to represent 'them'
Lower Tier:
  • Matias Otero : +BraveNewbies -AlreadyHasVotes
  • Mangala Solaris : +RVB -RVB

Candidates info at
Other suggestions for voting :

There are other worthy candidates.  I have my bias, and respect that others have their own bias.

Just vote at


  1. Don't vote riverini! He's poison.. He published tutorials on botting before is in it to make more money of his tabloid.

  2. We are in the middle of a campaign. I would *really* prefer that those leaving comments at least include a pseudonym. Some would consider that pure anonymous comments during election campaigns may be assumed to be trolling.

    I did not know of any such accusations, but did find this link. (I am also somewhat aware of the background of that site too).

    Like many things (especially during election seasons), understanding is a three edged sword.


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