Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Starbase Defense Management

Pos gunning is a powerful defense, providing you have the pilots trained and online. 

The problem is that one pilot can only control up to 5 of these very powerful guns, and that currently with roughly 52 days training.  Having been the defender in a siege; 1 POS gunner is not sufficient.  The prerequisite is currently Anchoring 5, a roughly 17 day train.  Horrible.

With the POS changes, this too shall pass.  Just in from the forums, CCP have announced that the pre-requsite will be changed to Anchoring 4; making an incredibly useful 3 POS gun pilot in just 4 days.

This means that Anchoring 5 will be only required for Mobile Large Warp Disruptor II's (worth it in null/wh space) and Outpost Construction (null only).  If you have Anchoring 5 and are purely high/lowsec, then you will have some wasted skill points.  Those that like to bash online POS will have their lives made a little harder.  Defenders of POS will be rejoicing.

If the only reason for you planning on Anchoring 5 between now and the new POS release is for POS defense, then you may wish to train to Anchoring 4 and wait.

For the Foo corps, starting with the expansion this gets implemented, Anchoring 4, Starbase Defense Management 3 will become a pre-requisite skill for joining our wormhole corporations, adding an extra 4 days to our minimum skill set queue.

I will update the requirements when the appropriate time occurs.


  1. It's sad that I can no longer be proud on my mastery of POS guns anymore… but the added number of gunners makes it worth it.

    1. As a POS gunner I feel nerfed. As a CEO who had a POS reinforced, I am relieved.

      In other words : what Druur said.

  2. With Starbase Defense Management roles, can you offline defenses?

  3. @ Chuck, that all depends on how the tower was setup. Be warned, in a tower the power to offline anything means the power to offline everything(aka spies or clutz offlining the tower itself[ and thus the shields] for an invading fleet). I highly recommend everyone have the power to online, there is minimal security risk there


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