Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Summer 2014 expansion

Despite Sugar Kyle's glowing reference to my previous article on what CCP has said in relation to the upcoming expansion, I can't keep up.

The forums are full of mid grade speculation and a whole lot of "CCP look at me!!!".  I have participated in both of these activities.  If you have the time, read them, 'like' what you like, and even add your own 2 ISK of comments.

Due to the amount of posts from CCP for the expansion, and others relating to fanfest, add in some first life ragequit tears (nothing to do with Eve), I have not done the job of gathering all the CCP forum posts that I planned to.  I had hoped to read through the trash (some of that was me posting stuff saying CCP look at me), and give you CCP's comments.  I have failed.

The good news is that I don't need to do it all, and I can instead show you what I do.

Go to https://forums.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=topics&f=247 - the Eve Information Portal

Find a topic that grabs your interest (eg Dev Blog: Fortune favors the bold )

Now click on Dev Posts. 
Put in the topic that interests you,
The forum is the Eve Information Portal (under Eve Information Center)
Ensure Badges of Dev, GM and CSM are all ticked

And search

Search setting for CCP posts, note RSS search in the top right

If you have a RSS reader (eg Feedly), or even Firefox does not do a bad job of reading raw CSS feeds, use the RSS feed link on the top right
Reading the RSS feed directly in Firefox
Posts and links that I find interesting for the upcoming summer 2014 expansion (For those on the northern hemisphere at least.  The real Eve players, who happen to be way down south will be experiencing winter snow when this is released)

Under the Eve Information Portal
Dev Blog; Fortune Favours the Bold
Dev Blog: Building better worlds
Dev blog: Researching, the future
Dev blog: The price of Change
Dev blog: Industry UI
Dev Blog: Team Up: Industry Work Teams
Dev Blog: Reprocess all the things!
Dev Blog: Giving Drones an Assist

Under Eve Technology and Research Center - Features & Ideas discussion, you probably want to bookmark anything with the [Summer 2014] tag

For recent CCP/CSM posts, ordered by newest to oldest:

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