Thursday, 6 September 2012

A trading game

Lately in Eve, I have been playing with my first blue prints - fuel blocks for POS.  I already have a bit to do  with planetary interaction (forming a significant input of POS fuel), and it seemed a natural extension.

I play Eve a little different to many (most?) around me.   I have not yet been an initiator in ship based PVP (though I do plan to be).  I don't mission for ISK (but will for standing).

I also have been a little quiet on Eve lately; using up my post count* on WoW. 
Some bloggers are relatively prolific writers; churning out 5 posts / week.  Over the last 3 years, I have averaged about 2 posts/week, but write as the inspiration takes me. With what will be 14 posts published in 16 days, written over about 3 weeks, I didn't have time to make any Eve posts.

It was good to look at again WoW, but the series made me realise that I like crafting games.  I played Capitalism Plus,  Civilization in several incarnations (almost always as a manufacturer), Sim City; basically, any game where I could assemble and manufacture an empire.

I found myself playing WoW in the same way.  But WoW's designers have specifically stated that they don't want you sitting outside an auction house looking for bargains, but would rather you were out in the world farming your own mats.  I was already suffering from a little burnout; and that comment certainly didn't help.

I realised how much I wanted a crafting game, and then realised I already was playing one

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